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Sipradi Companies
Private Company
IndustryAutomobile Industries
Area served
Key people
Siddhartha SJB Rana (Chairman) Rajan Babu Shrestha (CEO)

Sipradi is a major player in automotive and allied business and is one of the largest brands in Nepal. Currently, Sipradi is growing largely in automotive, energy, lubricant, financial services and equipment business. The company has more than 750 employees and 650 support staff working there. [1]

It was established in 1982 AD and has been the exclusive distributor of TATA Motors since then. Along with TATA Motors, the company is also an exclusive distributor of Mak lubricant, Exide batteries, Tata Hitachi – Earthmovers, Michelin tyres, Tata genuine parts, Groz and Manatec in Nepal. [2]Mr. Siddhartha SJB Rana is the Executive Chairman of Sipradi. He is also the highest tax paying individual of Nepal for the past consecutive 5 years including the year 2018. [3][4] And Mr. Rajan Babu Shrestha is the CEO of Sipradi Companies.

5 divisions under SIPARDI Companies[edit]

Sipradi Trading P. Ltd.

Sipradi trading P. Ltd (STPL) has been the sole distributor of Tata Motors in Nepal for the past 38 years. It is one of the largest players in the automobile and allied business in Nepal. A dominant player in the automobile industry, STPL has been the exclusive distributor of the full range of Tata Motor’s commercial vehicles in Nepal since 1982, and passenger vehicles from 2003. With its sales and services distribution network in the country, STPL also services the full range of Tata Motor’s vehicles. [5] Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd. is the highest tax paying trading company of Nepal for the consecutive 4 years, including in the year 2018. [6] STPL is also the sole distributor of Exide batteries and Mak Lubricant in Nepal. [7]

Sipradi Autoparts P. Ltd.

Sipradi Autoparts is in the business of distributing genuine Tata Motors spare parts. It is also the sole distributor of commercial and passenger vehicle tyres from Michelin, Automotive garage equipment from Manatec, Air tools from Kuken co. Ltd., Japan and Hand Tools from Groz. [8]

Sipradi Earthmovers P. Ltd.

Sipradi earthmovers P. Ltd is the exclusive distributor of construction equipment from Tata Hitachi, India. [9] The company has the highest range of products offerings in the hydraulic excavators and wheeled equipment segment. It started its operation in 2010.

Sipradi Assured P. Ltd.

Sipradi Assured deals with pre-owned vehicle business. It was established in the year 2011. The company exchanges, buys and sells a certified pre-owned vehicle with a warranty. [10]

Sipradi Hire Purchase P. Ltd.

Sipradi Hire Purchase is a financing company of Sipradi. It finances the people who are looking to buy Tata vehicles in Nepal.

Apart from these companies, Sipradi has undertaken major CSR initiatives through its CSR wing Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha. [11] It helps in driver training, traffic management, drinking water supply and planting trees. [12]

It has also undertaken various rehabilitation such as rebuilding schools, medical centres in areas majorly affected by the earthquake of 2015.


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