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Simon Wells
Born (1966-12-11) December 11, 1966 (age 52)
Cricklewood, United Kingdom
Alma materBrighton University
OccupationSinger, songwriter, storyteller and musician.

Simon Wells is a British singer, songwriter, storyteller and musician; well known as a founding member of British punk band Snuff.[1][2]

After a break from Snuff, Wells went on to form Southport: a mod/punk/soul act who have had a number of members from different 90s punk bands over the years. Wells is also well known as a solo artist; performing under various aliases, including Vortexion, Simon 'Da Vortexion' Wells, The Rise, Headstone Lane and, as himself, Simon Wells.[3][4]

Personal life[edit]

Wells was born in Cricklewood, London on 11 December 1966 to Ernest Edward Wells, a delivery driver, and Daphne Ida Doreen Wells, a housewife. He attended Braintcroft Primary School, Neasden, and later attended John Kelly Boys School, Neasden.

Wells attended Central St Martins College of Art but discontinued studies to tour with Snuff. He later attended Brighton University and graduated with a degree in construction engineering.

Wells has three children and lives in Hastings.


See also Simon Wells' Discography on Discogs

Year Release Band Format
1989 Snuffsaidbutgorblimeyguvstonemeifhedidntthrowawobblerchachacha-


Snuff LP
1989 "Not Listening" Snuff 7" Single
1989 No Blancmange Here Live 89 Snuff LP
1990 Flibbiddydibbiddydob Snuff LP
1991 That's Fine Snuff 12" EP
1991 Kilburn National 27∙11∙90 Snuff LP
1992 Reach Snuff LP
1992 Bizarresque EP (I'm Gonna Get You Special Remixes) Urin 8 7" EP
1994 Your Mum, Summer 1994 Your Mum LP
1996 "Bound For Canaan" Skunk Rock Productions 7" Single
1996 Your Mum Your Mum EP
1997 Caught in Session Snuff LP Cassette
1997 "This Side Down" / "New Chapter Rd." Vortexion 12" single
1997 Headstone Lane Headstone Lane 2 x 12" EP
1998 Two Pages 4hero LP
1998 "Made my Day" Jolt 7" single
2000 Nothing is Easy Southport LP
2000 Your Mum Your Mum LP
2000 Descent The Rise LP
2001 "Southport and Longball to No-One Split Single" Southport 7" split single
2001 Christmas Fisting EP Southport (and others) EP
2001 Should Have Done Southport (and others) EP
2001 Southport Versus Longball to No-One - International Match 2001 Southport EP
2005 Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other: 1986–2002 Snuff LP
2006 Demmamussabebonk Snuff LP
2008 The Leif Ericsson - Southport EP Southport EP
2009 Armchair Supporters Southport LP
2009 Cohesive Communities EP Southport (and others) EP
2013 Southern Soul Southport LP
2014 Light of One The No Marks LP
2017 Crime of the Scene[5] Simon Wells LP
2018 A Tribute To Broccoli - R.S.V.P. Simon Wells LP
2018 Bad Dylan - Masters of Whoa Simon Wells LP
2019 The Scary Clown Presents The First Five Years Simon Wells LP

Record labels[edit]

Wells has releases on the following record labels: Workers Playtime, Vinyl Solution, Rugger Bugger Discs, Schizo, Shepherd Recordings, EBV, Reinforced Records, Pagoda Recordings, Talkin' Loud, Golf, Household Name Records, Snuffy Smile, Boss Tuneage, Rookie Records, Armchair Music, Yo-Yo, Various Artists, Chopback Music, Fixing A Hole Records, One Step Outside Records, and The Scary Clown.


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