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Sim Nine2
Watsonville, California
NationalityAmerican with Mexican decent
StyleWest Coast Rap
MovementBAP Records

SImon Desales , better known as Sim Nine2, is an American rapper of Mexican descent from Salinas, California. He is best known for his 2014 single "Desde Zero" he released alongside Lil'Tony MC.

Sim was born in Watsonville, California where he was raised by his migrant parents. During his childhood, he Started getting interested in music and video creation. After years of self teaching himself how to produce music and edit videos he was inspired to launch the BAP Movement, which he explains is "a positive movement to empower young people who come from a dirty environment and show that they can still accomplish great things."


Sim was born June 6 1992 ...


  • Desde Zero Ft. Lil'Tony MC
  • Desde Zero Pt. 2 Ft. Lil'Tony MC
  • Game Over Ft lil mic & silent
  • Soy De Michoacan Ft. Faded


http://Simnine2.net/ h

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