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Sidney Berthier is a French filmmaker.[1][2]

Sidney Berthier
Sidney Lee Berthier
Alma materUniversity of Cambridge


Born in Paris, France, Sidney graduated with a Baccalauréat at the age of 15, two years ahead of the usual age for high school students. Specialising in Literature, Philosophy and Languages, he received his degree with Honours.[3]

Participating in the Concours général competition in 2011, he was also awarded a prize at the Sorbonne amphitheatre in Paris.[4]

Passionate about cinema since childhood, he was then accepted into the University of Warwick at the age of 16 to study Film and Television within the department co-founded by V.F. Perkins.[5][6] Keen to pursue his passion, Sidney then moved to the University of Cambridge at the age of 19, making him one of the youngest students ever to undertake a Masters degree.[7]

During his time at Cambridge, he joined the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club, most notably in a play for the Corpus Playroom.[8]

His graduate research work focused on Laura Marks’ concept of “haptic” visuals, discussing how the Daniel Craig James Bond films negotiate the character's cultural heritage despite nostalgia for the early Sean Connery movies.[9]

Some of his research on James Bond which dealt with David Bordwell’s concept of “intensified continuity”[10] editing and Svetlana Boym's notion of "restorative"[11] nostalgia was published by Victor Fraga in his film magazine DMovies.[12]


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