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Sanjeev Shankar and Ashwani Shankar "Shehnai"[edit]

Sanjeev Shankar (31 July 1978) & Ashwani Shankar (21 November 1982) were born in an illustrious lineage of musicians of the Banaras Gharana[1] which has given many outstanding musicians to the world of music, are considered as the best-known exponents of the auspicious instrument Shehnai[2][3][4][5]. Their father, the internationally acclaimed Shehnai Maestro Guru Pt. Daya Shankar[6][7] nurtured his son’s blooming talent and encouraged them with his personal inspiration and guidance. Hailed as one of the foremost and serious young musicians in the country today who are carrying the 300 year old family tradition and the art of Shehnai playing forward to a new level, Sanjeev & Ashwani's music represent an unparallel blend of traditional classical music with modern approach.

The brother duo have to their credit a wide spectrum of performances and have mesmerized the audiences at various music festivals world over, In all of their performances they touched the hearts of the listeners and were critically acclaimed by both, the exponents and the critics of the music world[8].