Saman Arastoo

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Saman Arastoo
image of a masculine of center person with short dark hair, pale skin, wearing glasses and looking to the side.
Saman Arastoo
Farazaneh Arastoo

1967 (age 51–52)
OccupationActor, Director

Saman Arastoo [1](Persian: سامان ارسطو) is an Iranian actor[2] and director born 1967 in Shahrud, Iran. He starred in the 2003 drama Abadan prior to gender transition, and directs plays regarding the acceptance of transgender people in Iranian society.[3] His play Khodkar-é-Bikar (Useless Pen) features transgender characters played by transgender actors.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Arastoo describes his first marriage in 1991 as a "forced marriage" for which the divorce lasted one and a half years. He underwent sex reassignment surgeries at age 42 in 2008. He married again in 2015.[3][5] Following wide publicity around his gender transition, Arastoo has been a public figure for the Iranian transgender community, including holding drama therapy workshops such as "Self Cognition".[6][7] He founded the Avaye Divanegan Theatre Group in 1983.[8][9]


Year Title Role
2003 Abadan[10] Actor
2004 Friday's Soldiers[11] Actor
2008 Tigh-zan[12] Actor


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