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Salome Korkotashvili (born 1987) is a Georgian singer/songwriter best known by her stage name SALIO. She was first recognised after writing her song 'Varskvlavebi' - or 'Stars' in English - at the age of nine.


Salome Korkotashvili was born in Tbilisi, Georgia to a father of Georgian descent and a mother of Polish heritage. She attended school in Tbilisi and focused on her musical education through attending the Conservatory. At the age of 15 she became the lead vocalist and composer of Georgian band Paparazzi which had a number of musical releases during the 1990's.


After shortening her name from Salome to SALIO due to perceived international difficulties in pronunciation, Korkotashvili began work with Georgian-based producer Beka Shukvani and started performing live under the SALIO moniker. With notable performances at Open Air Festival, Tbilisi and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival the video release of 'Let It Shine' became the song she was most identified with in the English language. This was followed up with the video 'Number One Boy' from the same studio footage recorded by Georgian videographer Yugo Morris.

Korkotashvili's first official solo release as SALIO was the 2016 single 'Wayside' on British label Day Release Records. Recorded, written and produced in London by Jonathon Holder of JHGT and mixed by British producer Andrew Hunt, Hunt subsequently won a Music Producer's Guild Award for Breakthrough Producer of the Year in part for his work on the five tracks which constituted the 'Lost World' EP of 2016. The 'Wayside' video which depicts the difficulties of a woman struggling to make her way in the world was shot by fellow Georgian Yugo Morris and premiered by the Daily Telegraph Online.

After acclaimed performances at The Old Blue Last and The Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch, London, Korkotashvili was invited to perform at the Black Sea Jazz Festival, 2017 with the London-based band with Jonathon Holder on keyboards and backing vocals, Aston Piras on bass and backing vocals.

In May, 2017, Korkotashvili released the 'Electronic Excursions' EP on Day Release Records. A graphic video release of the song 'Where The River Flows' is said to be an attempt in describing the futility of questioning death through life.

Korkotashvili then won a competition to work with Songbuilder Studios in Baltimore, USA. She was selected from over 2,000 applicants to work with Stephen Antonelli and Nathan Lanzino. This culminated in the much more acoustically driven four-track Studio Sessions EP which included a collaboration with U.S. based artist Bosley on the song 'Whatcha Want It To Be?'. It was released by Bentley Records in August, 2017.

Whilst attending the Black Sea Jazz Festival British Jazz Singer, Joss Stone, collaborated with SALIO as part of Stone's Total World Tour. Stone released the video of them performing one of Korkotashvili's childhood works in her native Georgian tongue with a small acoustically Georgian band at Petra Fortress in Batumi, Georgia. The video was released in February, 2018 through Stone's YouTube channel.

SALIO then went on to perform with Beka Shukvani at Open Air Festival in 2018 to a crowd of over 10,000.

In March, 2019, Korkotashvili's friend died after a long battle with cancer. She wrote the song 'Dreamer' in memory of her friend and created a video commemorating her death which was subsequently posted online.

In April, 2019 the video release of 'Yeah' took place and SALIO was announced as one of five winners from over 6,000 entries and invited to perform at Mad Cool Festival, Madrid, Spain on July 12th, 2019.