Sahjanwa railway station

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Sahjanwa railway station

Sahjanwa Gida Gorakhpur
Regional rail and Light rail station
LocationSahjanwa, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
Coordinates26°45′49″N 83°12′58″E / 26.76361°N 83.21611°E / 26.76361; 83.21611Coordinates: 26°45′49″N 83°12′58″E / 26.76361°N 83.21611°E / 26.76361; 83.21611
Owned byIndian Railways
Operated byNorth Eastern Railway
Lucknow-Varanasi Sahjanwa-dohrighat proposed railway line
Platforms3, (2) proposed after developing as satellite station
Structure typestandard on ground station
Bicycle facilitiesNot available
Other information
Station codeSWA
Opened1980; 40 years ago (1980)
Sahjanwa railway station is located in Uttar Pradesh
Sahjanwa railway station
Sahjanwa railway station
Location in Uttar Pradesh
Sahjanwa railway station is located in India
Sahjanwa railway station
Sahjanwa railway station
Location in India

Sahjanwa railway station is located in the town of Sahjanwa district of Gorakhpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. it was constructed in 1980. It serves Sahjanwa and Gida which is its industrial areas located at 2 km (1.2 mi) from Sahjanwa it is located on the Gorakhpur-Lucknow-Delhi main line on the route of North Eastern Railway.

The station offers class B railway station facilities. The station is 18 km (11 mi) from Gorakhpur railway station and 28 km (17 mi) from Gorakhpur airport. it is one of the ten railway stations of Gorakhpur.

Some major railway stations located near sahjanwa are Khalilabad, Basti, and Gorakhpur. It is directly and well connected by Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Lucknow, Gonda, Basti, Kanpur, Jhansi, Durg, Agra, Barauni, New delhi, Bhopal, Mumbai, Nasik, Allahabad, and Ayodhya. After developing as a satellite station it will be become major terminating junction for Lucknow-Bahraich-Gonda-Varanasi and south side of Gorakhpur via Dohrighat.


The railway line between Gorakhpur-Gonda Loop, running between Gorakhpur and Gonda, was constructed by North Eastern Railway between 1979 and 1995-2000.[1]

Trains which have stop at Sahjanwa railway station[edit]

There are currently 09 trains that take a halt at this station .They are-

Train no. Name From To
11123 Barauni Gwalior express Barauni Junction Gwalior Junction
15203 Barauni Lucknow express Barauni junction Lucknow Junction
12531 Gorakhpur Lucknow express Gorakhpur Junction Lucknow Junction
55025 Gorakhpur Gonda passenger Gorakhpur Junction Gonda Junction
55001 Gorakhpur Ayodhya passenger Gorakhpur Junction Ayodhya Junction
19038 Gorakhpur Bandra terminous Avadh express Gorakhpur Junction Bandra terminous
19040 Muzaffarpur Bandra terminous Avadh express Muzaffarpur Junction Bandra Terminous
55027 Gorakhpur Gonda passenger Gorakhpur Junction Gonda Junction
15007 Varanasi city Lucknow Junction Krishak express Varanasi city Lucknow Junction.


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