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Sabri Al Haiki
Sabri Al-haiki
Native name
Sabri A. G. Alhaiki
Taiz Yemen
ResidenceYemen Sana'a
NationalityYemen Yemen
EducationMaster of Dramatic Arts,(Academy of Arts, Cairo).
Literary movementPost modernism
Notable awardsReceived A certificate of distinguished works in the first forum of plastic arts, Sana'a, in May 1996

Sabri al-Haiki صبري الحيقي is a Painter, critic and Poet from Yemen.[1][2] He was born in the Village of (Aokaba) Taiz in Yemen on December 25, 1961.

He began his literary and artistic life at the age of fifteen. He published his poetic works and critical writings in official newspapers and specialized literary journals such as, the Egyptian magazine poetry. He was a member of both the Union of Yemeni Writers and the Arab Writers Union. He was a founding member of the Yemeni Artists Syndicate. He was also responsible for editing art magazines and literary magazines in the Ministry of Culture in Yemen. His biography was published in the Encyclopedia of the Almoheet, [3] in the Dictionary of Poets 1/6 from the Pre-Islamic Period to the year 2000 C2, and in the Dictionary of Writers 1/7 from the Pre-Islamic Period to the year 2000 C3.

Founding Member of the "Modern Art Group", Sanaa - Yemen. (1992).

One of the pioneers of the Yemeni theater. The first academic in dramatic criticism in Yemen.

About him[edit]

Sabri alhaiki, started writing in Taiz for the official newspaper of the Republic in 1978. He had a fixed column on the last page in the name of obsessions.In 1979, Sabri Al-Haiki was a founding member of the Yemeni Writers and Writers Union branch. During his studies, he secured a position with the Ministry of Information and Culture Working morning and studying in the evening. He moved to Sana'a. He edited the arts page in the Revolution newspaper. After completing his high school, he received a scholarship to study drama from the state of Kuwait and then In 1985, he returned to Yemen after receiving his Bachelor's degree in Criticism and theatrical literature. In Yemen he has been responsible for editing the Literary, Magazine (new in Yemen). He was also a founding member of the Yemeni artists Syndicate in addition to being a member of the Union of Arab Writers.

Founding Member of the "Modern Art Group", Sanaa - Yemen. (1992).


Scientific Studies and Research[edit]

The problem of compatibility in the character of Drama Hero 1985 Kuwait, Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. (BA from the Department of criticism and literature), published in the magazine Yemen new in March 1998.

Administrative establishment in Yemen applied to the General Organization of Theater and Cinema 1995 National Institute of Administrative Sciences Sana'a.

The technique features of Playwriting in yemen, Academy of Arts Cairo 2006.[4]

• In addition to a large number of studies published in newspapers, magazines and cultural sites.

His works[edit]

Published Books[edit]


signifier and substitution in the sources of the text,Sana'a,Abadi Center for Studies and Publication, 2008.[5]

Irony in the Yemeni Novelist Text, Critics Make a Wave for the Sea, (in conjunction with a group of researchers), Sana'a, Yemeni Literary and Writers Union, 2008.


  • Fortune-Teller, play 1992.
  • L'ivre Caravane, Paris, Sous le patronage de I'Unesco, 1993.[7]
  • 2000 AD, anthology poems, in French, with some of the works of the pictorial images "Azabel and Les":

Yemen Peuple des Sables, "Belgium", © LA RENAISSANCE LIVR, 2000.[8]

• Participation in ((the dictionary of the Babtain contemporary Arab poets)).[9]

Participation in the dictionary of Writers 1-7 from the pre-Islamic to the year 2000, C 3.[11]


• January 1994, the first personal exhibition (Damon Hall) sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sana'a.

• March 1996, the second personal exhibition, Sana'a University.

• October 1997 Third Personal Exhibition, Cultural Center (Ministry of Culture) Sana'a.

• Participated in many local and foreign group exhibitions.

• More than a hundred paintings of his works, personal and official collections. Especially in the countries of Europe.

From Sabri Alhaik’s paints[edit]


Received A certificate of distinguished works in the first forum of plastic artsSanaa, in May 1996.


- 1980, acting director of theater. The Ministry of Information and the Culture of Sana'a.

- 87-1989 SecretaryEditor of the ((new Yemen)) magazine, the Ministry of Media and culture.

- 1991 Deputy Editor in Chief of the Arts Magazine.

- 1991 Deputy editor of the magazine Yemen new. - 1992 Director (founder) of theatrical activity in the General Organization of Theater and Cinema.

- 1993 Director (founder) of the film production department, in the General Organization of Theater and Cinema.

1996 Member of the Advisory Board of Culture magazine, Ministry of Culture.

- 1998 Director General (Founder) of the Office of Culture Governorate of the shadow.

- 2001 Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Culture, Ministry of Culture.

Some Bibliography[edit]

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