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Roy Purdy
Born (1998-02-25) February 25, 1998 (age 21)
Appleton, WI, United States
OccupationYouTuber, Rapper, Dancer
Known forYouTube

Instagram Facebook

RelativesGeorge Purdy (brother)

Roy Purdy (born February 25, 1998) is a YouTube personality and musician/rapper, who gained fame in mid-2017 with his dance parody of the song Magnolia by Playboy Carti. He has also released songs that he composed himself and runs a non-profit online catalog. He is most commonly known for his dance move which most people call the "Roy Purdy Dance."

Early Life[edit]

Purdy was born in Appleton and resided with his younger brother, George, and two parents in his early years. He attended Appleton North High School during his teenage life. After graduating, he took a year at the University Of Colorado Boulder for Film Studies.

In November 2017, Purdy moved into an apartment in Los Angeles, California. He reportedly mentioned he wanted to live there and attend university there.



Purdy began recording original songs during when he was in 9th grade and began producing more music in his later years.

One of his notable songs is called "Guacamole" which was released in March 2016.[1]. The video features Purdy dancing in a grocery store while singing about himself. Another notable song he released was "Pink & Green" which was released in August 2017 [2].

In November 2017, Purdy released a track called "Livin These Days."

Social media videos[edit]

Purdy began uploading videos of himself skateboarding and performing numerous tricks in late 2012.

A few years later, he began uploading videos of himself dancing to music in public, as well as skits with his brother, George, filming most of his videos.[3] A few of his videos include his Running Man Challenge video where he is seen doing the dance, his Banana series where he goes to places including a Walmart and dances in a banana costume, and his most famous to date, his Milly Rock video[4]

In 2017, Purdy posted a video of himself receiving and dancing with his YouTube Play button he received in the mail[5]. In this video, Purdy calls his Play button his "best friend" and performs everyday activities with it. In one scene of the video, Purdy is skateboarding and attempts a trick. Unfortunately, Purdy falls and his play button goes down with him. When Purdy looks at the Play button, he sees it was destroyed in the fall. Purdy then cries because he destroyed his first YouTube award.

In most of Purdy's videos, he is skating and dancing. His most common and well-known dance move is his side to side dance move where he shakes his head side to side, swings his arms side to side, and bends his legs side and side to the ground. Many people have attempted to replicate this move to no avail.

Roy Purdy Clothing[edit]

In 2016, Purdy established his own, non-profit online catalogues, with one selling various shirts, sweaters, dad hats and the like[6], while the other is his exclusive sock store[7]. He often wears his clothing in his music videos as well as his dancing videos.

His intention on creating these catalogs was to spread positivity by designing clothing that represents positive influence[8]. A couple of his top-selling merchandise is his "Love > Hate" collection, which includes sweaters, hats, and shirts which a colorful "Love > Hate" is imprinted on the merchandise, and his "Good Vibes Only" apparel, which includes shirts, hats and sweaters with the "Good Vibes Only" and his "signature glasses" imprinted on the shirts and sweaters.

Roy Purdy's "signature glasses" are pink and green sunglasses in two triangle-type shapes. Roy ofter wears these glasses in his videos. His glasses, pink hat, pink Thrasher shirt, "cool pants," and Old Skool Vans build his signature look. Roy is known for wearing very colorful and bright clothing in his videos.



Title Year Album
"Lost Nights" 2014 Non-album single
"24 Things I Love" 2015
"Art$y Bit¢h"
"Level Up"
"Toaster Strudel" 2016
"Pink Socks"
"I Think I've Got To/Please Don't"

(feat. Maddi Rin)

"When We Were Kids"
"Feel Something"
"Cash Me Outside (Remix)" 2017
"Pink & Green"
"Livin These Days"


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