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Rink is a low-budget 2018 independent dramedy feature film written, directed, and produced by Noah Way (Formerly Noah Bailey). [1]


  • Noah Bailey as Finn Conwell
  • Zach Honer as Cosmo Hirschman
  • Ann Keen as Barbara Conwell
  • Joseph McCauley as Mr. Hollenbeck
  • Carissa Robbins as Lily Lake
  • Rylie Orphan as Kate Conwell
  • Laura Sturm as Ms. Dula
  • Scott Mackay as Michael Conwell
  • Alex Cirpinski as Young Finn
  • Danny Irizarry as Bobby Dula
  • Benjamin Donahue as Carter
  • Dana Norris as Michelle O'Bomb'a
  • Alex Molica as Willseph (Drag Queen)
  • Marge Uhlarik-Boller as Judith Parks


The film centers around Finn, a small-town misfit who pursues his passion of becoming an expert roller skater, when he enters himself in a local competition. But after the rink he trains at closes, Finn and his friends must find a way to open it back up again. Through a series of bizarre strategies and shenanigans, Finn and his band of misfits attempt to raise money in any way they can to save the day and accomplish their goal. [2]


The film was released for streaming on Amazon Prime in May 2019[3] followed by a red-carpet public screening at the Arcada Theater Building in Downtown St. Charles. [4]


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