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Prince Swanny
Birth nameTaryll Mical Swan
Also known asZTEKK Dan, Swan Dan, Swan Don or Swanny
Born (1997-08-27) August 27, 1997 (age 22)
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
OriginTrinidad and Tobago
Years active2015–present

Taryll Mical Swan (born 27 August 1997), popularly known as Prince Swanny, is a Trinibagonian dancehall artiste, singer and songwriter from Port of Spain, Trinidad. In 2017, Swanny gained initial recognition in the dancehall world when he released his regional hit "Go Fi Dem[1]." The song stirred a bit of controversy at the time, however, it had a huge social impact and created a deeper understanding of the life and culture of young Trinbagonians.

Later in 2017, Swanny released another regional hit "Brother, Brother[2]" which captured the hearts of many youths since it spoke about being surrounded by 'real' friends who have your back no matter what.

The Prince has collaborated with many regional artistes such as I-Octane[3] on a remix of "Brother, Brother", Shane E on "Ztekk Bomber"[4][5], KG on "My Team"[6] and "Buss ah Blank"[7] and Kyler on a remix of "Routine"[8] and "Nah Beg."[9] Swanny's latest single, "Bread Winner"[10] produced by MillBeatz on the Street Survivor Riddim[11][12], was released on April 22, 2019 and has already clocked in more than one million views on YouTube.

Early life[edit]

Born in Port of Spain General Hospital, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Swanny grew up in Port of Spain, Trinidad. At the age of seven, he moved to Carenage, Trinidad where he attended Carenage Boys' Government Primary School and later, Tranquility Government Secondary School. Upon graduating Secondary School, he returned to live in his hometown of Port of Spain.


2007–17: Early Career[edit]

From the age of ten, Swanny began free-styling for his friends and family which always attracted an audience. For three consecutive years, he won his primary school's calypso competition. Later, as he attended Tranquility Government Secondary School, free-styling became his daily routine. He worked at various menial jobs to earn the funds to pay for studio time at local studios. Finding his moniker was not difficult, by using his surname and always being referred to as a 'Prince' by his mother, the sobriquet Prince Swanny[13][14][15] was derived. Today, Prince Swanny has various aliases and can be referred to as, the ZTEKKdan, SwanDan, SwanDon or just simply Swanny.

Prince Swanny began releasing mixtape tracks in 2016 which gained a lot of momentum among his local fan base. Swanny was then introduced to Chris Beatz of Playah Syndicate Records in January of 2017 by one of his close friends. From there, Swanny's thriving musical career got off to a strong start with some of his earlier hits; "Bounce Itt" on the Strip Club Riddim, "Giddii Upp" on the Frenz List Riddim, "Buss My Gun," "Push Itt Een" on the 7Even Riddim, "Frienemies," "Inna Dat," "Head buss," "Scooby Doo," "No Time Fi Waste," "No Program" and "Tek D Woody" on the Vice Party Riddim.

2017–18: Growing Popularity[edit]

Prince Swanny's breakthrough came in May 2017 with "Go Fi Dem", a single recorded and mixed by Induction Empire. The success of the song caused an increase of video views both locally and regionally.

In August 2017, "Brother, Brother" was released. Which once again gained popularity both locally and abroad. The song was later officially remixed with I-Octane.[16] The "Brother, Brother" singer went on to release other songs[17] in 2017 such as, "Bad Mind People" on the Third Eye Riddim, "Bring Yuh Body," "No Program," "Mi Nuh Play," "Day One Dawgz,"[18] "Tek D Woody," "Dead" and "My Team" KG featuring Prince Swanny.

In 2018, the songster released singles [19]such as, "Watch Your Friends,"[20][21] "ZTEKK Bomber," "Unknown Car," "Give Thanks Fi Life," "Life Goes On," "Defend It[22]," "So Good," "Buss Dem Head," "Backway," "Routine" a collaboration with Kyler and "Pam, Pam" a collaboration with Rheon Elbourne.

Swanny connected with Tarrus Riley[23], who has publicly expressed his admiration for the young artiste[24] by inviting him to perform with him at the Redemption Concert, in June, 2018.[25] [26] On the 30 August, 2018, Prince Swanny in an autobiographic interview[27][28] in OMG Digital Magazine[29] details his rise to stardom and who Prince Swanny actually is. In The Trinidad Express Newspapers on the 7 September, 2018, Swanny's rise in the dancehall industry is highlighted in an article entitled, "Presenting Prince Swanny of the kingdom of the dancehall."[30]

2018–19: Current Day[edit]

On July 6, 2019, Swanny was one of the two local artistes hired to perform at the "Magnum Xplosion Inferno Concert[31][32][33]. " Swanny's performance was nothing short of 'Xplosive.' In the half an hour long performance, the ZTEKKdan sang about various topics such as, betrayal, gun violence, poverty, unity and other issues experienced by youths [34]in Trinidad and Tobago[35][36]. During the very captivating peformance, Swanny also invited his 'Brothers' in the industry such as Plumpy Boss and Medz Boss to share the stage with him.

ZTEKK Empire[edit]

Founded on the principle to "keep it real, never switch."


Singles Music Videos Features/ Collaborations[edit]


Song Title Producer(s) Year Song Title Director(s) Year Song Title Artiste Producer(s) Director(s)
2015 "Bounce Itt"[37]

"Giddii Upp"[38]

"Pat It" ft. Bling Boss[39]

"Buss My Gun"[40]

"Push Itt Een"[41]






U.I.M Records


2015 "Buss My Gun"



Julio Prince

2015 "Wine and Go Down"[43]

"We Ready"[44]

"R.I.P. Lost Ones"[45]

Bling Boss

& Prince Swanny

Bling Boss

ft. Prince Swanny

Rheon Elbourne

ft. Prince Swanny

CYNX Media

CYNX Media

D Don
2016 "Talk Bout"[46]

"Inna Dat"[47]

"Head Buss"[48]

"Dem Change"[49]


Kevon Lemessy(CynX)


Julio Prince

(John Warren & Rheon Elbourne)

2016 "Talk Bout" Dion Glenn

(DG Media & Entertainment)

2016 - - - -
2017 "Scooby Doo"[50]

"No Time Fi Waste"[51]

"No Program"[52]

"Tek D Woody"[53]

"Go Fi Dem"[54]

"Badmind People"[55]

"Bring Yuh Body"[56]

"Mi Nuh Play"[57]


"Brother, Brother"[59]


"Day One Dawgz"[61]

Beast Inside Beats

(Playah Syndicate Records)

Darshan Recordz

(Playah Syndicate Records/

Cruz Life Entertainment)

Playah Syndicate Records

Playah Syndicate Records

Induction Empire

Playah Syndicate Records

Playah Syndicate Records

Induction Empire

Cruz Life Entertainment

Induction Empire

Induction Empire


2017 "Go Fi Dem"

"Mi Nuh Play"

"Brother, Brother"

KG (Reality Films)

Dion Glenn

(DG Media & Entertainment)

KG (Reality Films)


"My Team"[62]


Brother" remix[63]


& Prince Swanny

Prince Swanny

& I-Octane

Induction Empire

(WMG Lab)

Induction Empire

(Jermaine Reid)

Rebel Nation

& Reality Films

Visuals by - Karyssa.B

Fuzed Lifestyle

2018 "Life Goes On"[64]

"Long Day"[65]

"Defend It"[66]


"Give Thanks Fi Life"[68]

"Unknown Car"[69]

"Watch Your Friends"[70]

"Plenty Pretty Gyal"[71]

"Buss Route"[72]

"Way Mi Grow"[73]

"ZTEKK Bomber" ft. Shane E[74]

(Cruz Life Entertainment/

Playah Syndicate Records)

(Rheon Elbourne/

Justyn"Jay Thailest" Julien)

(Rheon Elbourne/Adonayiah)

Playah Syndicate Records

(Loyalties Records/Adonayiah)

D'Ultimate Dream Team Entertainment

Nyce Nation

(Rheon Elbourne/Triblk)

Chady Beats

Bing Bang Studios

2018 "Give Thanks Fi Life"

"Unknown Car"

"Watch Your Friends"

"ZTEKK Bomber"

Precise Entertainment



KG (Reality Films)

2018 "Buss Dem Head"[75]

"Routine" remix[76]

"Pam, Pam"[77]

"Buss ah Blank"[78]

Prince Swanny & Sonsun


& Prince Swanny

Rheon Elbourne

& Prince Swanny


ft. Prince Swanny

Hunt Camp Ent

Kevon Lemessy


(Yoichi Watanabe &

Kevon Lemessey)

Jay da illest

(WMG Lab)

Antonio Achee &

Rheon Elbourne

Motion by Aaron Caruth

Different The Movement

2019 "So Good"[79]

"Night Time"[80]

"Nah Chill" ft. Jahllano[81]

"Die Tonight"[82][83][84]

"Lef Mi Alone"[85]

"Right Now"[86]

"Life Mi Live"[87]

"Bread Winner"[88]


"Fear We" (ft. Medz Boss)[90]



Playah Syndicate Records


Chady Beats

1st Klase[91]

BTM Records

MillBeatz Entertainment

Anjelo Noel (Chady Beats)

2019 "Night Time"

"Die Tonight"

"Right Now"

"Bread Winner"


"Fear We"



Big Shiny Pixel Ltd.


Visuals By- Isaiah Vialva

2019 "Nah Beg"[92]"Fear We"[90] Kyler

& Prince Swanny

Medz Boss & Prince Swanny



Isaac Cozier)

Resolve Productions &

Antonio Achee


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Prince Swanny (Musician)[edit]