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Parsh N Lancy is a Nigerian Ewipop/Afro hip hop duo composed of two brothers: Ibukun Oluwasegun Oyedola (Parsh) and Olanrewaju Samuel Oyedola (Lancy).

They started performing since 2003 and managed to release a collaborative album with Obabiolorunkosi Ewi Exponent, a group they and a couple of their school mates formed. The album was solely powered by Parsh N Lancy's mom.

In 2012, they reformed their genre of music and introduced a unique genre "Ewipop" or Afro-Ewi", the first of it's kind in Nigeria.[1]

Background info[edit]

Birth Name[edit]
  • Ibukun Oluwasegun Oyedola
  • Olanrewaju Samuel Oyedola
 Afro pop

Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

 Pharmacist (Parsh)
 Sculptor (Lancy)

Years active

  • 2006–Present


  • Pashion records
  • Dramedia Productions

Associated Acts

  • Oladips, Ibile Nla, Adex Da Flex, Addict, Ife Dee, Mckadz, Willyray, Ty Bright, Femzzy, Don Dizy, PhemiEwi [2]

Early Lives[edit]

The brothers were both born in the '90s in Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria.

They attended Hope International Nursery & Primary School and Hope Comprehensive College. Though, Parsh did his first two years of secondary life at Salawu Abiola Comprehensive High school, Osiele as well as his last two years at Great Kings Academy, Egbeda Lagos.

Parsh developed interest in music in his Jss3 days at Hope Comprehensive College shortly after he was trained and performed a short musical which was premiered on Ogun state Television (OGTV).[3]

Later, Parsh formed a musical band Obabiolorunkosi Ewi Exponent with the Yoruba Indigenous Poetry (Ewi) music genre which gives them the platform to perform. Two years later, Lancy derived inspiration from Parsh, he decided to join The Ewi Exponent group chaired by Parsh.

Lancy was just an instrumentalist in the band but always tell Parsh he can equally do what other vocalist do whenever Parsh starts ewi freestyles at home. After three years, the group had performed about two hundred times on stage in Ogun, Oyo and Lagos state. The group managed to release an album titled "Adorun moto" prior to disbanding. In 2008, the group dissolved, which gave Parsh & Lancy the option to start their duo career. Parsh N Lancy went by the stage name Onipasan Oro (Parsh) & Alagbasa Oro (Lancy), their former stage names in the band. Lancy had a platform to maximize his potentials.[4]

Shortly after then, they had to part ways as Parsh went to study Pharmacy at Olabisi Onabanjo Univeristy, while Lancy gained admission three years later to study Creative Arts at Tai Solarin University of Education.

Both Parsh N Lancy graduated in 2015 but proximity could not stop them from doing music. Their debut single "Serere" meaning "Do good" got lots of positive reviews from fans home & abroad. The track was a fuel to their energy which got them to keep doing good music.[5]


The stage name changed to P.e.L (Pasania ewillis & Lancy) after the disbanding when their music genre switched to Ewipop/AfroEwi & Afropop in 2010. In 2014, it became Parsh en Lancy (P.e.L), the word "en" meaning "and" but Parsh N Lancy came to stay in 2017.

Parsh N Lancy believes in uniqueness, the more reason they thought of coming up with something different. Ewipop is the Genre. It’s a fusion and blend of Ewi (Indigenous Yoruba poetry) and Afropop or Trap beats. Presently, no one has been able to deliver this genre, though a few popular acts sampled it lately:[6]

  • Lil Kesh – Abija wara
  • Seyi shay – Irawo
  • Vj adams – Gbemidsoke

The aforementioned acts invited Akewi on those tracks to deliver the Ewi. But Parsh N Lancy would do the Afropop as well as the Ewi.

In 2018, they contested in the King of sounds the king competition (KOS) which saw three thousands contestants. Parsh N Lancy made it to Top 100 which was the final phase of the competition.[7]

Not quite long, Parsh N Lancy King of sounds competition freestyle, "Work" got nominated at Top Naija Music Awards in the Best Inspirational Song with a Message category.

Parsh N Lancy are just in love with entertainment, they are both Actors, Screenwriters and film directors. Asides music, they also started acting at their local church in the ancient city of Abeokuta right from their childhood. This stimulated Parsh's move to a film school in 2007 so as to become more skilled.[8]

Parsh N Lancy appeared on the screen for the very first time in 2010 in a movie titled "Back to Eden" produced by Tunde Layinka

They have since then produced and directed lots of stage plays in churches and in higher institutions in Ogun state.

In 2018, they produced their debut movie titled "The Dying Flame" Written by Lancy, Directed by Parsh, DOP by Irok Montage

from the staple of Dramedia Productions, an entertainment company founded by Parsh N Lancy.[9]



  Serere ft Lamytee & Kool Gee
  Endowed ft Etb All star


Film - Back to Eden
Notes - Movie
Film - Moremi
Notes - Movie
Film - The Dying Flame 
Notes - Short Movie [11]

Awards & Nominations[edit]

J - Empire Awards

▪2018: Next Rated Artiste - (Nominated)[12]

Top Naija Music Awards ▪2018: Best Inspirational Song with a Message - (Nominated)[13]


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