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Barangay Paloyon
Kisi-Kisi Para Diri Mauri!
Coordinates: 13°22'30.6"N 123°22'39.6"E
Country Philippines
RegionBicol Region
ProvinceCamarines Sur
District5th District
TownNabua, Camarines Sur
 • TypeSangguniang Barangay
 • Punong BarangayArchibald Escuro
 • SK ChairmanDon Jay Raluta
 • Total2,964 Philippine Statistics Authority
Time zoneUTC+8 (PST)
ZIP code
Vehicle registrationEXX XXXX / EX XXXXX
Native LanguagesRinconada Bikol

Central Bikol

SK MembersMarisol Tagle

Julie Anne Braga

Sean Andre Almazan

Christian Joe Velitario

Gemma Garcia

Arjo Moreno

Jean Gomez

Jinky Mae Celebrado - Sec.

Dahn Elbert Mamansag - Treas.
SB MembersAlma Niebres

James Lañada

Jaime Vizconde

Algin Refugio

Alex Pontillas

Benjie Moreno

Salome Paranal

Anna Abonita - Sec.

Maria Estefanie Hugo - Treas.
Electorate (2019)1,702
The official seal

Barangay Paloyon (also known as Sagrada and Paloyon Proper) is a first-class barangay in Nabua, Camarines Sur.[1] The name "Paloyon" is came from the Rinconada Bikol word paroyan which means ricefield. It is composed of eight zones: Centro (Zone 1), Roadside A (Zone 2-A), Roadside B (Zone 2-B), Sempeterno (Zone 3), Camalignon-Nalilidong (Zone 4), Bagasacan (Zone 5-A), Maogma (Zone 5-B) and Bagong Sikat (Zone 6).

Official flag of Paloyon since 1998
The zone capital of Paloyon


Barangay Paloyon is located at the southeastern part of Nabua, particularly abound by the barangays of La Opinion (southwest), Santiago Young (northwest), Lourdes Young (north), Paloyon Oriental (east) in municipality of Nabua, and barangays of San Vicente (south) and Masoli (southeast) in the nearby municipality of Bato.


Barangay Paloyon is said to be a part of the Mount Iriga ridge land, which is elevated steepe.


As part of the municipality of Nabua, it possesses a climate belonging to the 4th type wherein rainfalls are more or less evenly distributed throughout the years. Its rainfall is classified as TYPE B or HUMID characterized by rains well or evenly distributed throughout the year with at most three dry months. General wind direction prevailing the municipality is from northeast to southwest at an average velocity of eight knots.

The barangay has a dry, a cold, and a wet season. From June to November, the town experiences heavy rains. The cold season comes every December to February. Then, from March to May, the dry season commences.


The computerized view of Nuestra Señora de Katipanan Parish

Most of the people at that area are followers of Catholicism, in which the patron saint is the Holy Family where the distinctive nickname of the said barangay takes place: the Sagrada. Also, it is under the Catholic Church of Nuestra Señora de Katipanan Parish, which is also situated at Roadside A.

Some people also followers of Iglesia ni Cristo, Members Church of God International, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Jehovah's Witnesses and other minority sects.


Most of the constituents speaks in Rinconada Bikol as their lingua franca and Central Bikol and Tagalog as their major alternative dialects.



Primary Production[edit]

Paloyon is better known for agricultural production, intensifying the major crops in the area, particularly rice, corn, cassava, sweet potatoes and coconut. That's why some of the compradas and rice mills are situated in these areas.


Paloyon has large production of livestock, particularly in poultry, piggery and cattle industry. Most of the commercial chickens are sold in the wet markets and in the major food corporations.

The crispy Puto Rice of Paloyon

One Town, One Product[edit]

Paloyon brings the edge in producing one town, one products and has a greater impact on exporting in the world market, especially the Puto Bugas (baked rice pastry), Puto Seco (baked milk macaroons), dried katnga (taro leaves), turones (peanut sticks) and amrian (steamed rice cakes).


Artisans from Sempeterno are known in their talents in making bolo, knives and swords in the blacksmith's house.


Paloyon has its hotels and resorts. These are: NB Buena Traveller's Inn and Resort,[2] Big M Hotel and Resort[3] and Europa Star Hotel.[4]


Small and Medium Enterprise[edit]

Some of the proprietorships are common in convenient stores and cooperatives. One of the branches of Nabua Multipurpose Food Terminal is situated at Paloyon.


Paloyon has a sole petroleum station named Bicol Petroleum owned by Mrs.Erowena P. Belleza[5]


Paloyon has construction corporations. One of these is the GLD Builders, Construction and Supply owned by Engr. Domingo A. Bartolome, Jr. and has a branch in Mandaue City, in Cebu.

Water, Electricity and Cable Services[edit]

Most services in the households come from Nabua Water District [6] (water), Camarines Sur 3 Electric Cooperative[7] (electricity), some internet providers and some cable operators.


The most convenient means of transport in this area is by means of public utility vehicles such as jeepneys, buses, and tricycles using the Pan-Philippine Highway.[8] There is also the usage of rail trolleys in alternative for the trains of the Philippine National Railways.[9] It has also a transport services named Jhobel Transport owned by Mr. Jose Moreno.

Customs and Tradition[edit]

Paloyon has customs and tradition that were regularly exercised.

In January

  • Vesperas - It is traditionally the annual barangay fiesta's eve, in which the people is preparing the venue of the celebration, especially the popular terms where they are familiar thereto: Sambayan (the tent preparation); Pagbuno (the slaugthering of cattle, poultry and pigs); Pagkarsutso (the native rice pastry making); Rabus (the general cleaning), Pagtatakod (the design making); and Pagrurugop (the men's non-profit work).
  • Kapistahan - It is the feast day of their patron, the Holy Family. The mass is celebrated every hour starting from the end of the procession in the dawn. Most of the occasions are pabonyag (child's christening), pasalamat (the thanksgiving party), pakasal (the nuptial), pakumpil (the confirmation), panganam or pangadyi (the offertory prayer to the dead and petitions) and pagsulo (the offertory candle lighting).
  • Pabayle - In the social evening of feast day, the barangay council holds a dance extravaganza for the teenagers.
  • Cantora - This is the night where the ladies chorale sings with praise and worship walking and kneeling towards the altar.
  • Segunda Dia - This is the day after of the feast day. This also celebrates the important day of recreation of the couples, bachelors and bachelorette, senior citizens and the balikbayans from abroad. This holds in the evening with special guests and they plays old-time favorites songs and music.

In February

  • Valentines' Ball - in some, they called it as Mr. and Mrs. Night. They celebrate it on the night of Valentine's Day.

In March and April

  • Estacion quin Cuaresma - The Nuestra Señora de Katipanan Parish conducts a stations of the cross or Via Crucis in the premises of their church. This is usually held in the Sundays of Lent.
  • Pasion - This is the tradition that the Catholic elders sing the passion book of the Lord Jesus Christ in Bicol.
  • Procession quin Miercoles / Viernes Santo - This is the procession depicting the passion of Lord Jesus Christ every dusk of Holy Wednesday and Good Friday.
  • Soledad - This is the Good Friday late night procession where they commemorate the seven sorrows of Virgin Mary.
  • Pagbalo-balo - The Easter's eve celebration.
  • Pagtonton - The Easter Sunday celebration where the Catholic followers do the depiction of the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ through the angel cantors.

In summer time

  • Paliga sa Barangay - the Sangguniang Kabataan and the Paloyon Youth Organization organizes a sports fest.
    The little angel saying the verses (in Pagtonton)

In July

  • Pintakasi sa Katipanan - This is celebrated in the week of the feast day of the parish's patron saint, Nuestra Señora de Katipanan.

In August

  • Parish Day - It is celebrated in August 28, annually at the Nuestra Señora de Katipanan Parish.

In November

  • Inter-Barangay Basketball Tournament

In December

  • Misa de Gallo - This is celebrated in the novena of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Novena ag Dotoc - This is the novena and cantorship before the feast day of the Holy Family in January.
  • Masquerade Ball - This is held during the New Year's Eve. They showcase their talents while dressed by their creations and masks.
Paloyon Elementary School

The Fragmentation of Paloyon in Two Distinctive Barangays[edit]

Sitio Paloyon Oriental was finally detached to its mother barangay, known today as Barangay Paloyon Oriental based on the Batas Pambansa Blg. 128 last April 28, 1981 and confirmed by the Presidential Proclamation No. 2102, s. 1981 by former President Ferdinand Marcos[10]

"Section 1. The Sitio of Paloyon Oriental in Barangay Paloyon, Municipality of Nabua, Province of Camarines Sur, is hereby converted into a distinct and independent barangay of the said municipality, to be known as Barangay Paloyon Oriental."



The entrance gate of Paloyon Elementary School

Paloyon has three educational institutions: the Nabua Christian School Foundation, Inc., Paloyon Day Care Center and the Paloyon Elementary School.


Membership Organizations of Paloyon
Organizations Logo
Highway-Paloyon Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association (HIPALTODA)
Mr. and Mrs. Club
Paloyon Youth Organization (PYO)
PYO Logo.jpg
Paloyon Barangay Senior Citizens Association (BASCA)
Paloyon Elementary School Alumni Association (PESAO)
Triangle Married Set Association

(TMSA, affiliated association composed of

barangays Paloyon, La Opinion and Santiago Young)

Lakas ng Kababaihan
Rabus Officials
Bagasacan Youth Organization

(BYO, partner organization with barangay Lourdes Young)


Population of Paloyon (from 1990 - 2015) Source: Philippine Statistics Authority
Census Year Population Growth Rate
1990 2,197 -
1995 2,392 1.61 %
2000 2,721 2.80
2007 2,735 0.07
2010 2,932 2.56
2015 2,964 0.21

In 2015 Census, the Paloyon has a population of 2,964[12].


In the last 2019 Philippine Senate election, the electorate of Paloyon is 1,702[13]


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Coordinates: 13°23′N 123°22′E / 13.383°N 123.367°E / 13.383; 123.367