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Outernet London
Locationadjacent to Crossrail Tottenham Court Road/Charing Cross Road southern exit
Opening Date2020
DeveloperConsolidated Developments
OperatorOuternet Global

Outernet London is the name of a mixed use development currently under construction in the West End of London.  The site is adjacent to the new Crossrail Tottenham Court Road/Charing Cross Road southern exit and runs across Denmark Street - “Tin Pan Alley” with St Giles High Street to the east and Charing Cross Road to the west.

The development is due to open in 2020.[1] and will feature many areas and facilities available to the general public including a 2,000 capacity music venue, an immersive multimedia urban gallery, broadcasting and media facilities, a hotel, bars and restaurants.[2]  The public spaces will feature a number of high resolution 360 degree video screens [3] [4]. Announcements have been made that there will be advertising campaigns using virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. [5] There will also be residential apartments [6] office space [7] and retail. The area immediately surrounding Outernet is also under development from Crossrail and other projects. When all these projects complete it will herald a new era of retail for the world famous Oxford Street shopping area.[8]

The site includes Denmark Street which is being redeveloped as part of the project. Denmark Street has been synonymous with music in London[9] and has traditionally featured music equipment shops and live music related nightlife. The street is nicked named London's Tin Pan Alley.[10] The redevelopment as part of Outernet has been welcomed by London's Night Czar Amy Lame [11] but the redevelopment has been controversial and also criticised. [12] [13] [14] [15] [16]

The main construction contractor for the project is Skanska[17] and the developer is Consolidated Developments [18] [19]

Outernet London is the first of a series of similar global sites with Outernet New York and Outernet Los Angeles planned [20] [21] [22]


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