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Osaka Prefectural Otemae High School
2-1-11, Otemae, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Former namesOsaka Prefectural Girl's School

Osaka Prefectural Girl's High School

Osaka Municipal Osaka Girl's High School

First Osaka Municipal Girl's High School

Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Girl's High School

Osaka Prefectural Dojima Girl's High School

Osaka Prefectural Umeda Girl's High School

Osaka Prefectural Otemae Girl's High School
School typePublic
Motto強き信念(まこと)高き理想(のぞみ)(Tsuyoki Makoto, Takaki Nozomi)
(Strong Belief and High Ideals)
AuthorityOsaka Prefecture

Osaka Prefectural Otemae High School(大阪府立大手前高等学校 Ōsaka Furitsu Ōtemae Kōtōgakkō)is a secondary school in Osaka, Japan, founded in 1886. Its motto is "Strong Belief and High Ideals.[1]"


Otemae High School was established as "Osaka Prefectural Girl's School" in 1886. The campus of this school moved so many times, and the name also changed according to the campus; Nakanoshima, Dojima, Umeda, and Otemae. After World War II, according to change of education system in Japan, Osaka Prefectural Otemae Girl's High School exchanged students and teachers with Osaka Prefectural Kitano High School, and became a coeducational high school. This school established a correspondence course in 1948, and a part-time course in 1950. The correspondence course became independent as Osaka Prefectural Momodani High Schoolin 1966[1].


  • Cultural Festival
  • Sports Competition
  • School Excursion
  • Chorus Competition - Chorus Competition is held in March and every classes compete with each other. In Spring Season, you can see students practicing in the garden of Osaka Castle.



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