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Ollie Kendal is a well known youtuber featured on the channel Jolly and the Korean Englishman. The channel Jolly features a duo, Ollie Kendal and Josh Carrot documenting their journey as they explore different cultures, mostly Korean. Similar to the channel the Korean Englishmen which is more specifically Korean in its content. Both presenters have interacted with several celebrities such as HaHa from running man and even Chris Hemsworth as they explore Korean Cuisine. The duo have been recognized for their work in promoting Korean culture and even featured in adds promoting Korean tourism. For more information on the duo see Korean Englishman.

Ollie Kendal
Oliver John Kendal

Template:1987 32
Other namesThat dude from JOLLY
Years active6
Known forHis contribution in encouraging people to explore Korean culture
Notable work
JOllY Korean Englishman

Biography Oliver John Kendal was born in England on November 16th 1987. He posted his first vlog with Josh Carrot on their channel on August 10, 2013. He has a "baby stomach" and cannot eat very spicy foods, however he once managed to eat a whole cow shared between him, Josh Carrot (Korean Englishman) and mukbang star Yoo MinSang. He has been diligently learning Korean for the past 2 years however his teacher Josh Carrott is disappointed with his progress. Oliver John Kendal married Lizzie and has a Daughter called Juno. Ollie has been praised for his parenting skills in protecting his daughter by making her feel safe by surrounding her with pineapple themed items.

Oliver John Kendal (born in 16th November, 1987), more commonly known online as Ollie Kendal, is a British YouTuber working alongside his best friend, Josh Carrott.[1]

Ollie Kendal
Oliver John Kendal

(1987-11-16) November 16, 1987 (age 31)
Other names'Idiot'
Spouse(s)Lizzie Kendal
ChildrenJuno Kendal (2017)


He is a YouTuber who co-hosts the 'JOLLY' channel with Josh Carrott. The duo started their career as YouTubers since 10th August 2013 when they first uploaded their video on their channel 영국남자(Korean Englishman) which now earned 3.1M subscribers (as of May 2019). From 13th February 2017, they are running another channel called JOLLY that has reached 1.1M subscribers (as of May 2019). All videos are bilingual (Korean / English subbed). Ollie was mistakenly known as Josh's videographer however he has corrected this in one of his YouTube videos. He is unmistakably the love of Josh's life and is also his second wife.

영국남자 (Korean Englishman)[edit]

The channel started from casually introducing Korean food to their UK friends who never experienced Korean food before or trying out Korean foods in Korea by themselves. Now the channel covers overall Korean culture and local hot places in Korea[2]. Moreover, the channel introduced Korean foods to Hollywood stars in the form of short interview. The stars featured in the channel include Ryan Reynolds[3], the casts from Avengers: infinity War[4] and Kingsman 2 [5]. Due to increasing influx of foreign viewers from all over the world, “(Korean) Fans have gone as far to say Josh & Ollie should be appointed as honorary ambassadors of Korea for voluntarily promoting Korean food and culture to foreign audiences”[6]

In the beginning, Ollie was hardly seen in the videos but rather in charge of filming and editing. As the name of the channel suggests, his friend Josh, an English man who is very much accustomed to Korean culture and fluent in Korean language, seemed to be the main host of the show. However, Ollie started to appear more often and is now co-hosting many of the videos if not all.


JOLLY started more like a sidekick channel of Korean Englishman. However, the differences between the two were clear. To name a few, unlike Korean Englishman, the newer channel JOLLY, which represents a combination of their names Josh and Ollie as well as the English word "JOLLY" as it is, is equally co-hosted by the two. Ollie takes more prominent role on the screen. Further, while Korean Englishman aim at high quality videos that require a lot of time and effort, Jolly decided to communicate with their viewers more casually through experimental contents in shorter and simpler videos[7]. JOLLY is also different from Korean Englishman as it is seasonal shows whereas the latter is often a themed series of videos.

The fanbase of JOLLY is called 'JollyBeans'.

Kendal & Carrott LTD[edit]

Soon after they began their channel, the two co-creators established their own production company and registered in UK on 11 Nov 2013 [8].


His father was featured on his YouTube channel, and regarded as an archetype of English Gentlemen. He is married to his wife Lizzie and has a daughter named Juno. Often featured guest Rev. Chris is his brother-in-law as their wives, Lizzie and Jenny, are sisters.


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