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Novus Partners, Inc.
IndustryFinancial technology
FoundedDecember 2007; 11 years ago (2007-12)
FoundersBasil Qunibi and Stanley Altshuller [1]
Headquarters521 5th Avenue, 29th Floor, ,
United States
Number of locations
5 (2019)
Area served
Key people
Andrea Gentilini (CEO) [2]
ProductsAlpha Platform, Novus Public Ownership

Novus Partners, Inc. is a portfolio intelligence platform for institutional investors. Novus has offices in New York City, New York; Austin, Texas; Zurich, Switzerland; and London, England. The Novus platform is used by “hedge funds, fund of funds, pensions, sovereign wealth funds, and endowments to analyze risk, performance, and attribution across aggregated and historical data sets.”[3] [4]



Novus was founded in 2007 by Basil Qunibi and Stanley Altshuller. [1] Their original offering included manager performance analysis, overlap analysis among managers, and data lookthrough aggregation, effectively serving as a valuation of securities. [5]


Between 2009 and 2010, Novus partnered with an allocator client to build a daily portfolio intelligence system, allowing the company to run analytics on a higher frequency. By 2010, Novus had started working with managers as well, and its client base soon shifted to an equal split between managers and allocators. [6]


In December of 2014, Novus acquired FDN, or Financial Diligence Networks, LLC. FDN, a platform that “enable[d] asset managers to streamline business development and investor relations processes by connecting to current and potential investors.” [7] FDN was started by John Cornish and John Casano in April of 2012. [8]

In Q1 of 2013, Novus received funding from Bain Capital Ventures and Index Ventures. [9]


In June of 2018, Basil Qunibi left Novus to start Atom, a multi-manager platform leveraging Novus’ analytical technology. [10] Qunibi was replaced as CEO by Andrea Gentilini, former Head of Europe and President of Novus. In September, Stanley Altshuller left Novus to become US Head of Strategic Consulting at Barclays.


In 2017, Institutional Investor reported that under Gentilini, Novus is “investing in technology and engineering resources” to provide “more accurate and predictive fixed-income analytics” [2]


Novus Platform[edit]

The Novus platform is used by both capital allocators and investment managers. It allows investors to evaluate investments based on three metrics: performance attribution, risk management analytics, and public ownership research. It also enables managers to utilize data aggregation tools across equity, fixed income, hedge fund, private equity, venture capital and real asset allocations. [11]


The company serves 150 clients globally, collectively controlling $3 trillion in assets under management.[9]


  • Andrea Gentilini, Chief Executive Officer
  • Adam Benenson, Managing Director, Product
  • Li Wang, Head of Operations
  • Courtney Muller, VP of Talent
  • John Cornish, Managing Director
  • Charles Russo, Director of Analytics


In 2014, Novus entered into a partnership with Swiss Fund of Hedge Funds provider Thalia.[11]

In 2017, Novus formed a partnership with Cheyne Capital Management, an alternative investment firm, to “build a tool for fixed income securities analytics.” [12]

That same year, the company also partnered with Barclays in the creation of the Novus Barclays Public Ownership HF Conviction Index Family.[13]

Most recently, in September 2018, Novus began a collaboration with Epsilon Asset Management to facilitate active equity strategies for institutional investors.[14]


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