Notre Dame of Genio Edcor Inc.

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Notre Dame of Genio Edcor, Inc.
Notre Dame of Genio Edcor, Inc. seal
Former names
Notre Dame of Edcor
Notre Dame of Genio Edcor
Notre Dame of Genio Edcor, Inc.
MottoAd Astra per Aspera
"Through Hardship to the Stars" and School proverb "That which pleases God. I strive to do always"
(Jn 8:29)
TypePrivate, Roman Catholic
PrincipalSr. Carolina A. Motril, OND
ND Avenue, Brgy. Mirasol Alamada, Cotabato, Philippines
HymnNotre Dame, Our Mother
Notre Dame March
ColorsGreen & Gold         
AthleticsNDEA Meet, GMA Meet, COPRISA Meet
NicknameNotre Dameans
AffiliationsNDEA, CEAP

Notre Dame of Genio Edcor, Inc. (Old name: Notre Dame of Edcor ) is a private, Catholic academic institution run by the Oblates of Notre Dame[1] located in Alamada, Cotabato, Philippines - Thus, making this school the first Notre Dame school overseen by the OND Sisters. This institution is a member of the Notre Dame Educational Association. Established in 1958, it has been one of the pioneering schools under the Notre Dame Educational System in the province of North Cotabato, Philippines.

Historical background[edit]

In 1957, the settlers of EDCOR requested the late Archbishop Gerard Mongeau, OMI, DD, (February 4, 1900 – October 31, 1994) to establish a school for their children. The bishop's response was to let the people establish the building, then he will provide the administrators. In answer to the request, the construction of wooden materials was offered by the farm Administrator, retired Major Dalmacio Tecson. Labor was free. The Army Chaplain, Fr. Manuel Vacante supervised the construction. It was a seven-room building with one room for the laboratory, one room for the library and one room for offices and faculty. The building was completed in time for the school year 1958–1959, offering courses for first and second year high school.

The late Bishop Mongeau & Bishop Dion of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate

The administration of the school was offered to the Oblates of Notre Dame (OND sister), a community of women organized on 1956 in Cotabato City. The ONDs accepted the offer because the school was a good venue for Catechism. The fourth year students will be trained to be catechists to the public elementary pupils. Notre Dame of Genio Edcor is a small school located in a town where there is no other public secondary school existing during that time and poverty is keenly felt by the people. In such a given context the school ministry strives to bring hope and joy to the students and the community it serves.

It will be interesting to know what the situation was, when EDCOR was first visited on May 14, 1958 by Fr. George Dion, OMI with Sisters Estrella Adre, Juliana del Castillo and Lina Carbonell. Sr. Estrella entered in the codex the following:

On May 26, 1958, Fr. George Dion accompanied the first ONDs who were assigned to start the new Notre Dame School in Alamada: Miss Ma. Estrella Adre, Soledad Amigable, Mercedes Favor, Prexedes Biclar. School equipment, supplies and other miscellaneous things were brought to the new school from Cotabato City. On June 10, 1958, it was noted that the enrollment was increasing and hence they saw the need for more teachers.

NDGE is located in EDCOR which is an acronym for Economic Development Corporation. This was the "land for the landless" program by the late President Ramon Magsaysay. It was intended for HUKS- a popular group of dissidents in the country so that they could acquire land to cultivate. Resolution No. 376 dated March 10, 1953 gave birth to this project and the manager of the Project EDCOR was retired Major Dalmacio Tecson.

When the management of the place was turned over to the civil government, the name of the place was changed to ALAMADA, in memory and honor of the great and powerful late Datu Alamada who fought against foreign opposition and tyrannies. Kitacubong was the heart of his kingdom. In 1968 Resolution No. 38 which is the renaming of the municipality to Alamada, separate and distinct form the municipality of Libungan, Cotabato. Meanwhile, the school has retained its name Notre Dame of Genio Edcor.

The first ever Graduation was in 1962. The Notre Dame of Genio Edcor, Inc. celebrated its 50th Golden Founding Anniversary in 2008.

As the years went by more students enrolled at NDGEI and hence an annex building with four rooms was added. The flooring was cemented. The last room was raised by one meter to serve as stage for PTA meetings and for school programs.

Notre Dame of Edcor circa 1960s
Notre Dame of Genio Edcor, Inc. today

School's vision[edit]

A Catholic mission academic institution known for its holistic formation with Mary as model and inspiration of discipleship and living a life of simplicity striving to PLEASE GOD ALWAYS.

School's vission[edit]

We commit ourselves to provide transformation, education and formation, involved in pastoral programs and promote a culture of peace, justice, unity in diversity and care for God’s creation as well as eco-social responsiveness.

Notre Dame of Genio Edcor, Inc. celebrated its 60th Diamond Jubilee last December 2018 with the theme: "Six Decades: A Thanksgiving to a Gleaming Milestone of Solidarity and Strength in Service with the Community"

Timeline of school administrators[edit]

# Year Name
1 July 1958 - August 1958 Sr. Estrella P. Adre, OND +
2 August 1958 - 1963 & 1972 - 1973 Sr. Mary Rose B. Quijano, OND +
3 1963 - 1964 Sr. Eugenia T. Fabella, OND
4 1964-1966 Sr. Salvacion S. Pagsuguiron, OND
5 1966-1967 Sr. Lily A. Lauron, OND +
6 1967-1969 Sr. Victoria A. Panopio, OND +
7 1969-1970 Sr. Rosario Clarice C. Javier, OND
8 1970-1972 & 1973-1974 Sr. Regina C. Javier, OND
9 1974-1979 Sr. Rita Marie D. Cuevas, OND
10 1979-1980 Sr. Estrella M. Corotan, OND
11 1980-1981 Sr. Maria-Palma T. Ronquillo, OND
12 1981-1983 Sr. Sonia S. Rafael, OND
13 1983-1996 Sr. Leonila N. Dolina, OND +
14 1990-1992 Sr. Alicia A. Amparo, OND
15 1992-1994 Sr. Madeleine V. Bibal, OND
16 1996-2002 Sr. Nida C. Macahilo, OND
17 2002-2009 Sr. Estrellita M. Del Socorro, OND
18 2009-2012 Sr. Thelma B. Arguilles, OND
19 2012-2015 Sr. Maria-Palma T. Ronquillo, OND
20 2015-2017 Sr. Maria Clarita C. Salanatin, OND
21 2017-2018 Sr. Alejandra B. Villarosa, OND
22 2018-2019 Sr. Carolina A. Motril, OND
23 2019-present Sr. Marilou D. Tolentino, OND
Notre Dame of Genio Edcor, Inc. Administrators


Notre Dame of Genio Edcor, Inc. adopts the Department of Education's Kto12 Basic Education Program [2] for its Junior High School up to Senior High School. The school is using the DepEd Grading System which uses the Average base Grading computation in all year level. The school also uses a Computerized Grading System created by a private company called DISAT.(Digital Information System and Technology) wherein computation of grades are made much more efficient and convenient for the teachers.[3]

Academic school year 2018–2019[edit]

Junior High School (K12 Curriculum)

  • Grade 7

Sections: St. Cecilia & St. Francis de Sales

  • Grade 8

Sections: St. Thérèse of Lisieux & St.Eugène de Mazenod

  • Grade 9

Section: Bishop Dion & St. Maria Goretti

  • Grade 10

Sections: St. John Bosco & Bishop Mongeau

NDGEI Senior High School School Year 2018–2019[edit]


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