Nomads (season 2)

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Nomads (season 2)
Presented bySavvas Poumbouras
Giorgos Lentzas
No. of castaways28
WinnerStelios Hantapakis
LocationNosy Be, Madagascar
No. of episodes44
Original releaseOctober 11 (2018-10-11) –
December 23, 2018
Season chronology
← Previous
Nomads (season 1)

Nomads: Madagascar is the second season of the Greek reality competition television show Nomads which aired from 11 October 2018 until 23 December 2018 on ANT1.[1] It takes place in Nosy Be, Madagascar, for 12 weeks. The winner wins €150.000. It features 20 players divided into two nomad tribes: Crocodiles and Lemurians.[2] After the fourth week, a new tribe of former eight Survivor players entered the game as a team called Invaders.[3] Stelios Hantapakis was the winner of this season.


1) Crocodiles, Color: Blue
2) Lemurians, Color: Red
3) Invaders, Color: Black (Former Survivor Greece Players)


The rules of the game for every week:[4]

  • Week started with the Territory game. The winning tribe lived on the "Island" for this week. The defeated tribe lived in an unpleasant environment, "Savanna".
  • Second Day: Immunity Game. Defeated tribe nominated two players for elimination.
  • Third Day: Captain's Game. Captain of the defeated tribe nominated one player for elimination.
  • Fourth Day: Duel. At first, one player is saved by winning the duel. Then, the audience chose which player to save by voting live.

In the fourth week, every winning team chose by vote a player to send to the Selected tribe and joined the two captains. At the end of the week, five more players joined the new tribe by public vote.

In the fifth week, a new tribe, the Invaders, entered the game.

List of Nomads 2018 contestants
Contestant Original tribe Switched tribe Switched tribe 2 Merged tribe Finish
Annita Nathanael,
50, Athens, Businesswoman
Crocodiles 1st Elimination
Episode 4
Traiana Anania,
29, Athens, Actress, Singer
Crocodiles 2nd Elimination
Episode 8
Nikos Chouliaras,
38, Keratsini, Mini Market Owner
Lemurians Walked due to injury
Episode 12
Sissy Zournatzi,
28, Thessaloniki, Instagrammer
Lemurians 3rd Elimination
Episode 12
Tonia Solanaki,
31, Chania, Water Polo Player
Lemurians 4th Elimination
Episode 12
Dimitris Koukourikis,
39, Thessaloniki, Businessman
Crocodiles 5th Elimination
Episode 16
Katia Tsovgan,
29, Argyroupoli, Muay Thai Champion
Crocodiles 6th Elimination
Episode 16
Alex Kavadias,
39, Ilioupoli, Singer
Crocodiles 7th Elimination
Episode 16
Dimitris Gialamas,
28, Langadas, Sport Cafe Owner
Crocodiles 8th Elimination
Episode 16
Dimitris Korgialas,
47, Athens, Singer
Lemurians 9th Elimination
Episode 16
Marianna Kalergi, 1
25, Muay Thai Champion
Invaders Invaders 10th Elimination
Episode 20
Marios Akrivopoulos,
43, Veria, Farmer, Market Stall Seller
Crocodiles Selective Selective 11th Elimination
Episode 24
Dimitra Alexandraki,
28, Rethymno, Model
Crocodiles Selective Selective Walked
Episode 28
Elisavet Dovliatidou, 1
25, Thessaloniki, Model
Invaders Invaders Invaders 12th Elimination
Episode 28
Dimitris Marmaras,
35, Paphos, Barber
Lemurians Selective Invaders 13th Elimination
Episode 32
Alexandros Sears,
25, Athens, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Crocodiles Selective Selective 14th Elimination
Episode 36
Orestis Tsangk, 1
29, Thessaloniki, Entrepreneur
Invaders Invaders Invaders 15th Elimination
Episode 36
Nasos Papargyropoulos, 1
32, Athens, Βusinessman, Actor
Invaders Invaders Invaders 16th Elimination
Episode 36
Marianna Kamarotaki,
34, Glyfada, Crossfit Trainer
Lemurians Selective Selective Merge 17th Elimination
Episode 40
Giannis Spaliaras, 1
43, Athens, Actor, Model
Invaders Invaders Invaders 18th Elimination
Episode 40
25, Athens, Singer
Lemurians Selective Selective 19th Elimination
Episode 44
Dimos Charisteas,
35, Serres, Fitness Trainer, Former Footballer
Lemurians Selective Selective 20th Elimination
Episode 44
Christos Vasilopoulos,
40, Los Angeles, Actor
Crocodiles Selective Selective 21st Elimination
Episode 44
Kostas Anagnostopoulos, 1
34, Athens, Ex-Mercenary
Invaders Invaders Invaders 22nd Elimination
Episode 44
Athina Kostopoulou,
22, Thessaloniki, Handball Player
Lemurians Selective Selective 4th Place
Episode 44
Darya Turovnik, 1
21, Larnaca, Model
Invaders Invaders Invaders 3rd Place
Episode 44
Grigoris Morgan,
39, Los Angeles, Musician
Lemurians Selective Selective 2nd Place
Episode 44
Stelios Hantampakis, 1
32, Presenter, Model
Invaders Invaders Invaders Winner
Episode 44
  1. ^ Since episode 17

Season summary[edit]

The 20 players were initially divided into two nomad tribes: Crocodiles and Lemurians.

Challenge winners and eliminations by week
Original air date Challenge winner(s) Eliminated Finish
Territory Immunity Captains
October 11, 2018 -
October 14, 2018
Lemurians Crocodiles Lemurians Annita 1st Elimination
Episode 4
October 18, 2018 -
October 21, 2018
Crocodiles Lemurians Crocodiles Traiana 2nd Elimination
Episode 8
October 25, 2018 -
October 28, 2018
Lemurians Crocodiles Crocodiles Sissy & Tonia 3rd & 4th Elimination
Episode 12
November 1, 2018 -
November 4, 2018
Crocodiles Lemurians Lemurians Korgialas, Kavadias
Katia & Gialamas
5th - 9th Elimination
Episode 16
New Tribes
Original air date Challenge winner(s) Eliminated Finish
Territory Immunity Captains
November 8, 2018 -
November 11, 2018
Selective Selective Selective Kalergi 10th Elimination
Episode 20
November 15, 2018 -
November 18, 2018
Selective Invaders Invaders Marios 11th Elimination
Episode 24
November 22, 2018 -
November 25, 2018
Invaders Selective Selective Elisavet 12th Elimination
Episode 28
November 29, 2018 -
December 2, 2018
Invaders Selective Selective Dimar 13th Elimination
Episode 32
December 6, 2018 -
December 9, 2018
Invaders Selective Invaders Sears, Orestis & Nasos 14th - 16th Elimination
Episode 36
Challenge winners and eliminations for the last two weeks
Original air date Challenge winner(s) Eliminated Finish
1st Immunity 2nd Immunity 3rd Immunity
December 13, 2018 -
December 16, 2018
Kostas Giannis Athina Kamarotaki & Giannis 17th - 18th Elimination
Episode 40
Original air date Challenge winner(s)
1st Immunity 2nd Immunity 3rd Immunity Public Vote 3rd & 4th Place 2nd Place Winner
December 19, 2017 -
December 22, 2017
Athina Darya Stelios Morgan Darya & Athina Morgan Stelios


Voting history[edit]

Original Tribes New Tribes
Episode # 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44
Immunity Kostas Giannis Athina Athina Darya Stelios
Nominated by Immune Morgan Kamarotaki Darya
by Captain
Annita Tonia Korgialas N/A Darya Christos Nasos Nasos N/A
by Vote
Tonia & Dimos Traiana & Kavadias Sissy Elisavet & Kalergi Marios & Athina Elisavet & Dimar Dimar & Orestis Stelios Kostas Giannis
Nominated Annita,
Tonia & Dimos
Traiana & Kavadias
Tonia, Sissy,
Korgialas & Marios
Kalergi & Darya
Athina & Christos
Dimar & Nasos
Orestis & Nasos
Morgan, Kamarotaki,
Darya, Stelios,
Kostas & Giannis
Votes 8-1-1 5-4 9-1 6-1 4-3-1-1 7-1 6-1 6-4 6-4 6-4
Eliminated Annita Nathanael Traiana Anania Sissy & Tonia Kavadias, Korgialas, Koukourikis, Katia & Gialamas Marianna Kalergi Marios Akrivopoulos Elisavet Dovliatidou Dimitris "Dimar" Marmaras Sears, Orestis & Nasos Kamarotaki & Giannis Mike, Dimos,
Christos & Kostas
Darya & Athina Grigoris Morgan
Voter Vote
Stelios Not in the Game Elisavet Elisavet Dimar Dimos Mike - Winner
Morgan Tonia Sissy Marios Stelios Kostas Giannis 2nd Place
Darya Not in the Game Elisavet Elisavet Dimar Dimos MIke - 3rd Place Eliminated
Athina Tonia Sissy Marios Stelios Kostas Giannis 4th Place Eliminated
Kostas Not in the Game Elisavet Elisavet Dimar Dimos Mike - Eliminated
Christos Kavadias Athina Stelios Kostas Giannis Eliminated
Dimos Tonia Sissy Sears Stelios Kostas Giannis Eliminated
Mike Tonia Sissy Marios Stelios Kostas Giannis Eliminated
Giannis Not in the Game Elisavet Elisavet Dimar Dimos Mike - Eliminated
Kamarotaki Tonia Sissy Athina Stelios Kostas Giannis Eliminated
Nasos Not in the Game Evacuated Elisavet Dimar Eliminated
Orestis Not in the Game Elisavet Elisavet Dimar Eliminated
Sears Traiana Athina Eliminated
Dimar Tonia Sissy Elisavet Orestis Eliminated
Elisavet Not in the Game Kalergi Dimar Eliminated
Dimitra Traiana Christos Walked
Marios Traiana Athina Eliminated
Kalergi Not in the Game Elisavet Eliminated
Korgialas Dimos Sissy Eliminated
Gialamas Traiana Eliminated
Kavadias Traiana Eliminated
Katia Kavadias Eliminated
Koukourikis Kavadias Eliminated
Sissy Tonia Kamarotaki Eliminated
Tonia Korgialas Sissy Eliminated
Chouliaras Tonia Sissy Walked due to injury
Traiana Kavadias Eliminated
Annita Eliminated

Tribe captains[edit]

Week # Captains
1 Mike Christos
2 Morgan Sears
3 Dimar Koukourikis
4 Mike Marios
New teams
5 Dimos (1st Captain)
Christos (2nd Captain)
Nasos (1st Captain)
Kostas (2nd Captain)
6 Dimos Kostas
7 Morgan Kostas (1st Captain)
Stelios (2nd Captain)
8 Morgan Stelios
9 Kamarotaki Kostas


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