Nissan Diesel Space Runner A

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Nissan Diesel Space Runner A
PKG-AP35UK IZUHAKONE-2406 front.jpg
ManufacturerNissan Diesel
Body and chassis
ClassComplete bus
Bus chassis
Body styleSingle-decker bus
Doors1 or 2
Floor typeLow floor (LKG-)[3]
Step-entrance (PKG-/LKG-)[1][3]
EngineMD92TJ[1], 6M60[3]
Transmission5-speed manual (PKG-)
Alison 6-speed automatic (LKG-)[3]
Wheelbase4.8 metre, 5.3 metre, 6.0 metre
Length9.4 metre, 10.1 metre, 10.5 metre
Width2.5 metre
Height3.0 metre
PredecessorNissan Diesel Space Runner RA

The Nissan Diesel Space Runner A (kana:日産ディーゼル・スペースランナーA) was a heavy-duty single-decker bus produced by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan Diesel (now : UD Trucks) from 2007 until 2011.[1][2] It can be either built as a complete bus or a bus chassis.

This is a rebadged Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star.[4][1][3]

The MD92TJ (and 5-speed manual) was adopted for PKG-AP...,[1] and the 6M60 (and Alison 6-speed automatic) was adopted for LKG-AP....[3]

A step-entrance (AP35...) was for both PKG-AP... and LKG-AP...,[1][3] but a low-floor (AP37...) was only for LKG-AP....[3]


  • PKG-AP35UK/UM/UP (2007)[1][4]
  • LKG-AP35/37FK/FM/FP (2010)[3]


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