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Dr. Nina Bal
Born (1984-10-09) October 9, 1984 (age 34)
Alma materPavia Italy
OccupationDental Surgeon and Facial Aesthetic Doctor

Dr. Nina Bal is an Italian cosmetic dental Surgeon and facial aesthetic doctor based in London, UK.[1] She is known for facial sculpting and appearing on the second season of the BodyFixers show on E4. [2]

Early life and education[edit]

Nina Bal was born 9th October 1984 in Aosta Italy. She completed her graduation in BDS (Hons) from Pavia, Italy in 2008.[3] Later she completed the one-year Postgraduate diploma in cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic restorative dentistry in London.[4]

Career and awards[edit]

Dr. Bal started her career 11 years ago. She is currently the CEO of a London-based Facial Sculpting and practicing company.[5] Dr. Bal is the member of British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and British Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. [6] In 2018, Dr. Bal won the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards for facial aesthetics treatment. [7] She helped people with facial treatment and reached the pinnacle of her career as a Facial Sculptor. [8][9] She worked with Vicky Pattison, Katherine Ryan and Cherry Healey. [10]


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