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Nikolai Gridyagin
Born1953 (1953)
StatusExecuted by firing squad
Died1985 (1986)
Conviction(s)Murder; rape (28 episodes); brigandage
Criminal penaltyDeath penalty
Location(s)Kungur, Perm Oblast, RSFSR
Date apprehended

Nikolai Nikolayevich Gridyagin (Russian: Николай Николаевич Гридягин, 1953-1985) was a Soviet murderer and serial rapist, who was acting in Kungur, Perm Oblast in the early 1980s.


Nikolai Gridyagin was born in a female prison. He was raised there till the age of five, and then was transferred to an orphanage. Gridyagin committed his first crime at the age of 16. He burst into a shop alongside with an acquaintance, and the criminals stole goods and money. Gridyagin was sentenced to 4 years in prison. After being released he got married, had two children and got a job as a freight forwarder.

Soon Gridyagin started raping women. His first attempt was failed as the victim was large-build and offered resistance. Thereafter he was assaulting only short and slim women. He was hiding nearby while waiting for the victim, followed and passed her, put a gauze mask on, took a knife and turned back demanding to give money. While the victim was shocked, Gridyagin ransacked her, took money and jewelry, eventually raping the victim. He strangled one of his victims (a female student of pedagogical institute) so that the passers-by don't hear her scream.

Nikolai Gridyagin was arrested in 1983 at a railway station due to his weird behaviour and presence of binoculars which he bought on stolen money, which made a local policeman suspicious. At a police station it was noted, that the arrested man looks similar to BOLO out on the serial rapist. First Gridyagin denied his implication to crimes, but a knife, mask, and victims' jewelry were found during a search at his home.

Oblast court sentenced Nikolai Gridyagin to 15 years in prison, but it caused protests from the public. Moreover the prosecutor's office sent a protest. Further investigation was conducted. Nikolai Gridyagin was sentenced to death by firing squad. All petitions for pardon were denied, and in 1985 the sentence was carried out.

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