Naturum Sommen

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Naturum Sommen
Naturum Sommen April 15.jpg
Established2002; 18 years ago (2002)
LocationTorpön, Ydre, Sweden
Coordinates58°01′45″N 15°05′20″E / 58.0291°N 15.0890°E / 58.0291; 15.0890Coordinates: 58°01′45″N 15°05′20″E / 58.0291°N 15.0890°E / 58.0291; 15.0890
TypeNature center

Naturum Sommen is a visitor center and natural history museum located in Torpön Island in Lake Sommen in the South Swedish highlands. The building is modelled after a traditional boathouse.[1] The idea of a naturum museum was first conceived in 1996 and the museum was inaugurated in 2002.[2] From the beginning, the museum has been supported by the local history society of Torpön (Swedish: Torpöns hembygsförening).[2] In late 2013 Naturum Sommen closed as the local history society of Torpön and the Sommen Foundation (Swedish: Stiftelsen Sommen) were not able to continue its support, however it opened again in 2014.[3][4][5]

Since 2017, the Ydre municipality heads the work in Sommen Naturum.[2]


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