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Dr. Nanda Patil[edit]

         Nanda Patil (22 July 1963) is an Indian singer of the khyal genre of Hindustani music. She is known for her vachana music too. She belongs to Gwalior gharana.


Early life

Musical career

Personal life

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Early Life

         Nanda Patil was born in Kamanakatti area (Lakamanahalli Oni) of old Dharwad on 22 July 1963.  Her father Mallikarjunagouda Patil was a businessman with an abiding interest in music.  Her mother Chennamma was an affectionate woman. The older folks at home would sing folk songs. The large family's eldest daughter Nanda was initiated into music at her age of 8. She had her basic education, and then specialized in music from graduation.  Nanda Patil did MA in Music and also a PhD on folk music with reference to Balappa Hukkeri. She was, throughout a gold medalist, and rankholder with a state award for specialized studentship.  The Governor himself bestowed upon her the said honors.

         Already Nanda Patil had serious guru-shisya training under Pt Sudhindra Dandapur (from 1971 to 1974), Pt Narayanarao Muzumdar (from 1975 to 1982), Smt Sharada Hanagal (from 1995-1997) and Pt Rajashekhar Mansur (from 2000 to 2002).  Even Pt. Mallikarjun Mansur and Pt Basavraj Rajguru had given her lessons at MA studies, both recognizing her great talent. Dr Gangubai Hanagal too had recognised her talent in Hindustani music long back. Then Dr Hanagal had stayed in the artist's own locality.

Musical Career

         Dr Nanda Patil matured early as a singer. She began giving concerts at age 10. She was a radio artist with B grade from 1982.  Later she gave TV concerts.  Nanda Patil, with a specialization in Gwalior gharana and vachana music, gave concerts in several places of the country, making use of local-color music alongside Khyal and Thumri.  She had an effortless mastery over 100 ragas and numerous cheeses.  In 1994 she joined as Assistant Professor, Karnatak University's College of Music and Fine Arts.  Now she serves there as an Associate Professor and research guide. She is also a musicologist with fine monographs on Pt Basavaraj Rajguru and Balappa Hukkeri and others published by Kannada University, Hampi in 2007 and 2010 respectively.  In the late 1990s the artist was, however, plagued with a bronchial asthamatic attack and she stopped giving concerts, without affecting her teaching career.  In 2016 (reg on 10th May and inaugurated on 22 June), Dr Nanda Patil Sangeeta Academy came into existence, along with an endowment, an award and music utsava in her name.

There is “Dr Nanda Patil Vachana Sangeeta Puraskar,” an annual cash award of Rs. 10,000/- in her name from K.V.V. Sangha, Dharwad since 2014. The same institute runs an endowment (since 1997) lecture in her name.

Landmark Concerts:

1.    English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad in 1999

2.    A concert at Annamali in 2001

3.    Two concerts in Bombay in 2001

4.    A concert in Lucknow in 2004

Personal life

         Dr Nanda Patil married English Professor and bilingual creative writer Dr Mallikarjun Patil in 1991.  Now Prof Patil is a Professor of English and Registrar of Karnatak University, Dharwad since 24 July 2017).  The Patils have a daughter Ashwini (b 1992) and a son Shivakumar (b 1995), both are in the USA and they are singers too.

Awards and honours

         The 55 year old Dr Nanda Patil has received the following honors and awards.

The honors of Ganakogile in 1979.

State Award from the Directorate of Youth Services and Sports, Govt of Karnataka in 1984 and 1986.

‘Akka Ngamma’ Award from Chitradurga Math in 2016.

‘Avva’ Award from Basavaraj Horatti Trust, Hubli, 2016

Dr Nanda Patil received the Honorary Doctorate from Karnataka State Akkamahadevi Women's University, Vijayapur on 13th Feb 2019.

Member of Karnatak Sangeeta-Nritya Academy (2001-2004)

Syndicate Member, Dr. Gangubai Hangal Music University, Mysore (2015-2018).

Dr. Nanda Patil Sangeeta Academy is running privately.

Further reading:

         Dr Nanda Patil's autobiography Svarayatre (2013) is a very enlightening account. Harish Hegde has recently in 2017 brought out a monograph on the artist which is being translated into English by Prof A.G. Sabarad.  Her another work is Sangeetada Adhyayanagalu (2014). The artist herself has edited the book Dr Mallikarjun Patil’s Kannada Sahitya Sadhane (2015) Great Kannada radio poet Dr V.C. Airasang has recently scripted the book “Dr Nanda Patil’s Kavya Charite” (2018).  Her three vachana albums are

a) Akka Kelavva (1999)

b) Ennodeya Sangamanath (2001)

c) Salahu Kudalasangamadeva (2001)

See also

·       Life of Sadhaka: Mallikarjun Patil in YouTube

·       www.drnandapatilacademy.com

What they say

Poet Nadoj Chennavir Kanavi tells that “Dr Nanda Patil happens to be the transition artist between the old and new traditions of singers.”

Pratibe, a journal (in 2013) quotes, “She is the epitome of scholarship, knowledge, experience, public concerts, goodwill and aesthetic appreciation of music.”

Dr Patil's neighbor poet V.C. Airasang writes, “She’s a musical flower/ for their life’s vine/ see, how it’s in full bloom/ the Patil’s family in fragrance / see, it is Nanda, the cuckoo’s singing.”

In his foreword to Dr Nanda Patil's autobiography Svarayatre (2013), Dr De. Ja. Gou writes, “Mrs Patil is an outstanding Hindustani classical singer India has ever seen. She is a musicologist too. This autobiography speaks for all artists.”

Dr M.M. Kalaburgi feels that though Nanda Patil has voice problem recently, she is heard through her academic works, and through her son and daughter.


1.    Svarayatre, an autobiography, 2013

2.    Dr Nanda Patil, a documentary in Kannada, English and Hindi, 2012.

3.    a) Akka Kelavva (1999)

b) Ennodeya Sangamanath (2001)

c) Salahu Kudalasangamadeva (2001)

4.    www.drnandapatilacademy.com

5.    Life of Sadhaka: Mallikarjun Patil in YouTube

Background Information

Birth name  : Nanda Patil

Born           : 22 July 1963

Origin         : Kamanakatti, Dharwad

Genres        : Hindustani Classical Music (vocal)

Active years         : 1980 to 2010

Highest award: Honorary Doctorate from Women's University, Vijayapur

Labels         : Prince (Zankar Music Co), Bangalore


Nanda Patil[edit]