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The Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) is an art museum based in Bangalore, India that will manage collections of Indian art, textiles, photography, craft and design objects spanning from the 12th century to the present.[1]

Currently under construction, it will open in 2020 as a private art museum.[2]


The MAP will include over 15,000 artworks[3], predominantly from the Indian subcontinent. The collections are organised into six departments: Modern & Contemporary Art, Photography, Folk & Tribal Art, Popular Culture, Pre-Modern Art and Textiles, Craft & Design.

In 2017, Abhishek Poddar, one of the founders of the MAP[4], donated over 7000 artworks to the museum.[5]


In December 2018, MAP published a book on Gond-Pardhan artist - Jangarh Singh Shyam written by Dr. Jyotindra Jain.[6][7] The book includes transcripts of his final letter to his wife, Nankushiya, and his mother, Adharabai, a few days before his death to try and explain his frame of mind.[8]


The museum is located on Kasturba Road in Bengaluru.[9] The designs for the 44,000 square feet museum include 5 galleries, an auditorium, research library, classroom, restoration lab[10], storage and sculpture garden.[2] Designed by Mathew & Ghosh Architects[11], the construction is overseen by an architectural committee that includes Rahul Mehrotra, Mahrukh Tarapor and the late Martand Singh.[12]


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