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Moveshelf Labs B.V. was founded in 2017 by Ignazio Aleo and Per Slycke..[1]

Digital Motion Library[edit]

Moveshelf is a service for motion capture professionals[2] working in 3D character animation or movement science applications[3] such as biomechanics and gait analysis[4]


Moveshelf offers a Basic (free) subscription plan and Professional and Team paid plans. Different plans are available for use in 3D character animation and movement science and gait analysis with different features.


3D (human) motion data is highly complex, and is stored and processed in a variety of different file formats. Common file formats used for storing and processing 3D (human) motion data are .FBX, .C3D, .BVH, .TRC, glTF/GLB, .MVNX. Moveshelf supports these file formats, including synced video, and 3D kinematics, kinetics, forces and EMG is supported.


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