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MOPAK Dalaman Mill

Mopak Group is a pulp paper and cardboard manufacturing company established in 1926 in İzmir, Turkey.[1] Mopak is run by the founders 3rd generation representative Mehmet Ali Molay Mopak Gunting, and the 4th generation representative E.Ruhi Molay.[1]


Mopak A.S. is one of the biggest pulp paper and cardboard manufacturing companies in Turkey as well as in the Balkans and Middle East. Mopak is known for its branded notebooks and exercise books. The company has three mills with a total of 200,000 tons per year production capacity with the following locations:

  • Kastamonu-Taskopru Mill: Cigarette Papers, Tipping Papers, Printed Tipping Papers, Plug Wrap Papers, Thin Printing Papers, Straw Wrap Papers, Manifold Papers and Chamois Papers.[2]
  • Izmir-Kemalpasa Mill: Offset Printing Papers, Office Papers, Carbonless Papers Exercises Book, Printing Packaging.
  • Mugla-Dalaman Mill: Fluting, Testliner, Kraft Substitute, Coated Imıtation Bristol, MSSC (MOPAK NSSC), Starexprint GD1, Whitetriplex GT1, Core Board, File Board, Cover Board, Grey Board.

The SEKA Dalaman Pulp-Paper and Cardboard Plant, taken over in 2001 from the Turkish Privatization Administration, was commended as the Most Successful Privatization Project by public authorities, for its success in renovation and output growth.[3] MOPAK also meets the cigarette paper, filter paper (plug-wrap) and cigarette-tipping paper needs of both domestic and foreign cigarette manufacturers after taking over the Kastamonu-Taşköprü Pulp and Cigarette Paper Integrated Plant from the Privatization Administration in 2003.


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