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Mitchell Dean (born April 12, 1970) is an American media producer, director, writer and stunt person. [1] He began his career in 1992 working on Rapid Fire (1992), starring Brandon Lee and Passenger 57 (1992), with Wesley Snipes. He became a stunt person in Orlando, Florida after training with famed stunt coordinator, Glenn Wilder.[2] Some of his biggest film moments were working on Die Hard with a Vengeance, Independence Day, Batman & Robin, Titanic, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and XXX. In 1992, he also put in an appearance on the popular television series, Married...with Children, as Guy.[3]

Dean transitioned into working behind the camera in 2008. His first project saw him working as a writer and assistant director for Disney's Couture Wedding Collection. This was a web commercial with supporting videos.[4] He's been writing, producing, directing and voice over acting since 2008. His most recent producing credit, Country Daze, premiered on the A&E Networks FYI Channel April 3, 2019 and ran for six episodes.[5]

Personal Life[edit]

Dean was married to Amanda Marie Dean until 2001[6] and Kelly Dean until 2009.



Mitchell Dean worked on over 58 films and television shows throughout the nineties as listed on IMDB.com.[7] What began with Rapid Fire and Passenger 57, continued on with films like John Woo's Rapid Fire, Brandon Lee's final film, The Crow, Michael Bay's The Rock and Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park: The Lost World. His television shows included The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Seaquest 2032, Kindred The Embraced (where he doubled the late Mark Frankel, Baywatch Nights, Dark Skies, Charmed, Total Recall 2070, Nash Bridges, and Dawson's Creek, Concurrently with his stunt work, Dean wrote and sold two spec film scripts, Miami Kills Me and When the Children Cry. He also sold specs/ story ideas to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate SG1, Star TRek Voyager, Superboy and Swamp Thing. [8]


The Millennium saw Dean working with George Clooney on The Perfect Storm, McG's Charlies Angels, Guillermo del Toro's Blade 2, Sam Raimi on Spiderman, and The Italian Job. On the television side he did stunts on Joss Whedon's Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, while also doing turns on Dark Angel, 24 and Taken. In 2003 Mitchell Dean retired from Stunt work and began building his second career as a Producer, Director and Writer. [9]He began working with a well known company in Orlando, Florida called Bruno White Entertainment (BWE). While there, he helped create an award-winning video series for The United States Department of Defense Office of Corrosion Insight called the Corrosion Comprehension Series and Mom's Homeroom for Kellogg's and MSN. Mom's Homeroom had over 72 million views.[10]


In early 2010, Protocol 424 was released. This browser/ Flash based video game was built to give everyone a deeper look into the threat of corrosion. Mitchell was one of the game designers and writers on this project.[11] Mitch also got his first taste of voice over acting on this project, taking on a few of the attention grabbing characters.This project won an I/ITSEC award. Mitchell got a taste for animation during this time, as he went on to write and direct the web series Robolution and an interactive eLearning film, Pixel Command. He moved forward producing the show pilot, Shadowglade for Jerico Pictures. In April and May of 2019 he produced another show for Jerico Pictures, Country Daze. The show successfully ran for six episodes on FYI Channel.

Stunt & Acting Filmography[edit]

Year Title
1992 Rapid Fire
1992 Passenger 57
1992 Married...with Children
1993 Hard Target
1994 The Crow
1994 Beverly Hills Cop 3
1994 Timecop
1994 River Wild
1995 Bad Boys
1995 Die Hard with a Vengeance
1995 Fair Game
1995 Money Train
1995 Cutthroat Island
1995 Seaquest 2032
1996 The Quest
1996 The Rock
1996 Independence Day
1996 The Unspeakable
1996 Humanoids from the Deep
1996 D3: The Mighty Ducks
1996 The Vampyre Wars
1997 The Relic
1997 Metro
1997 Double Team
1997 Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
1997 Volcano
1997 Warriors of Virtue
1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park
1997 The Rage
1997 Con Air
1997 Batman & Robin
1997 Fire Down Below
1997 Wishmaster
1997 Trojan War
1997 Titanic
1997 Star Kid
1997 Flubber
1997 Scream 2
1997 Home Alone 3
1997 Mousehunt
1997 Mr. Magoo
1998 Black Dog
1998 Can't Hardly Wait
1998 Armageddon
1998 Inferno
1998 The Waterboy
1998 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
1998 Enemy of the State
1999 Varsity Blues
2000 The Whole Nine Yards
2000 Romeo Must Die
2000 U-571
2000 Gone in 60 Seconds
2000 The Perfect Storm
2000 X-Men
2000 Highlanders: Endgame
2000 Cutaway
2000 Charlie's Angels
2001 Pearl Harbor
2001 The Fast and the Furious
2001 Bubble Boy
2002 Rollerball
2002 Blade 2
2002 Spiderman
2002 xXx
2002 The Tuxedo
2003 The Italian Job
2003 2 Fast 2 Furious

Behind the Camera Filmography[edit]

Year Title Position
2008 Disney's Couture Wedding Collection Assistant Director & Writer
2009 Corrosion Comprehension Video Series Part 1: Combating the Pervasive Menace Assistant Director & Writer
2010 DoD Spec, Standards and Qualifications Process Video Assistant Director & Writer
2010 DoD The CPAT Workshop Video Assistant Director & Writer
2010 Protocol 424 (Video Game) Game Design & Writer
2010 Corrosion Comprehension Video Series Part 2: Portraying Polymers Assistant Director & Writer
2012 SSQP Interactive Video Assistant Director & Writer
2012 Corrosion Comprehension Video Series Part 3: Specifically Ceramics Assistant Director & Writer
2012 Unsung Heroes (Short Film) Co-Producer & Director
2013 Corrosion Comprehension Video Series Part 4: Top 10 Most Corrosive Places Assistant Director & Writer
2015 Robolution (Web Series) Producer, Writer, Director
2015 Shadowglade Executive Producer
2016 Pixel Command (Interactive Video) Producer, Director, Writer, Voice Over
2016 Corrosion Comprehension Video Series Part 7: Material Sustainment on Air, Land and Sea Assistant Director, Writer
2017 The Evil Within: PTSD Producer, Writer, Director
2019 Country Daze (Television Series) Producer


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