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  • Symbol opinion vote.svg Comment: The comparison between a beauty contest (even some sort of enhanced beauty contest) and the philosophical concept of a multiverse is essentially marketing buzzspeak for the contest.

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Miss Multiverse International


Miss Multiverse is a beauty pageant held in the Dominican Republic by the Dutch Company G&G Exchange and the Dominican-Dutch Chamber of Commerce.The Miss Multiverse winner is the spokesperson for the Women Empowerment Foundation, The Latin American Art Museum LAKMA, and becomes the face of the Dominican & Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

The TV program[edit]

The TV Network SuperCanal follows the jorney of the candidates unfold as they compete for the desired crown to become Miss Multiverse to produce the TV reality program Super Model Beauty Queen. The program was created and hosted by Linda Gausachs Grandia, founder of the Women Empowerment Foundation and Miss Holland 1992. The program is unscripted, multiple cameras follow the contestants from their arrival to Punta Cana the Dominican Republic untill the final gala show where the winner is chosen by the people and Judges.Former holder of the crown where Belarus, The Netherlands & Poland; the program is broadcasted by SuperCanal in diverse countries of the Caribbean and Latin America including the USA, it's also distributed in El Salvador by Tele El Salvador.

The Multiverse Concept[edit]

Throughout recorded history several theories have been proposed to account for observations of the universe; for a long time, the theory of the Universe was commonly defined as the totality of everything that exists. The beauty industry celebrated the ultimate beauty and splendor of women by means of association with this theory. Nowadays the theory of a single universe has evolved in to the "multiverse" in the mean time women have also evolved in multiple ways becoming independent, educated and empowered; modern women are multi-faceted, multi-talented, multi-benevolent, multi-tasking, multi-skilled and much more.

The beauty and pageant industry of today has also evolved; emphasizing on the manifestation of beauty that “truly” comes from the inside, beauty pageants currently seek for the inner virtues in women which are also proficient and not only apparent in the eyes of the beholder. These women are independent and strong therefore play an essential role in our society, they seek life changing experiences, recognition of their internal qualities, empowerment capabilities and the opportunity to give the best of themselves to empower others.