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Michael Oakley is a Scottish songwriter/producer based in Toronto, Canada. He released his debut album California in 2017 on New RetroWave records.[1]. The album was premiered by music blog, Popdust.[2] In a review by the Huffington Post, Oakley's sound was described as having "an infectious and innovative style, defying mainstream norms with the combination of minimalist yet memorable melodies and electronic synth-pop."[3] In 2018, Oakley was featured by Propellerhead Software in an article about how he utilizes Reason (software)[4]

Oakley made his live debut in April 2018 at House Of Targ in Ottawa, Ontario alongside synthwave artist Dana Jean Phoenix. In May, Oakley performed for Outland Synthwave Events in Glasgow, and later that year supported synthwave band FM-84 at Adelaide Hall in Toronto.

Later in 2018, Oakley began producing music for British singer-songwriter, Ollie Wride[5]. In 2019, Oakley teased a new album with a single featuring Dana Jean Phoenix. It premiered on synth blog Vehlinggo, who described it as "a beautiful romance number that recalls the type of single that used to grace pop radio and film soundtracks on the regular". [6] Oakley released his second album Introspect on March 8, 2019 on New RetroWave records.[7]


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