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MediBang Inc.
Native name
FoundedJanuary 27, 2014; 5 years ago (2014-01-27)
FounderHideyuki Takashima
HeadquartersShibuya Infoss Annex Level 10 12-10 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031, Japan
Increase ¥544,651,000
Number of employees

MediBang, Inc. (株式会社メディバン, Medivan Co., Ltd) is a Japanese venture company headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo that was founded on January 27, 2014[1]. It is mainly known for the creation of several mobile apps dedicated to creating art for manga, the most known being MediBang Paint (formerly Cloud Alpaca)[2], Jump Paint and Manga name[3]. It also operates a manga/illustration website called ARTstreet[4]. MediBang is also known for collaborating with well known company's to host several manga and art contests on its website Art street, such as Jump's Universal Manga Contest[5][6], Weekly Shonen Magazine x MediBang Manga Contest[7], the MCPO Award[8] and the Shonen Jump+ x MediBang Manga Contest.[9]


MediBang, Inc. was first formed on January 27, 2014 by Hideyuki Takashima. On June of the same year, the MediBang began offering a free service for artists and writers to share their work online, MediBang! with the goal of creating a platform where creators of manga and illustrations can easily contact their fans. It was seen by the company founder as being a better alternative to print media. At the time, there were no works on the website other than indies, which made it differ from some other manga distribution websites. On November 2014, CoudAlpaca[10] was released and MangaName was also released not long after in December.

At the start of 2015, on January, MediBang launched a service where users were able to begin selling their ebooks on Kindle, iBooks, and the Google Play store through MediBang, which was discontinued on August 2017. The reasons this was discontinued are unknown and were not specified by the company. CloudAlpaca was later renamed to MediBang Paint pro on June. In November, the printing service MediBang Factory was released, which was done with the help partnering of the company NetSquare, who decided to partner due to the fact that the 1 million users of the app MediBang Paint would want to be able to bind their works in print form.[11]

The year 2016 started with The MediBang Partner ad revenue service launching, this is the older version of the current Partner Program. On November, MediBang acquired the novel submission service Storie.

On January, 2017, MediBang Colors for Android was released, and the iOS version was released in June 2017. June also released JUMP PAINT.[12] A partnership with MEDIA DO Co. Ltd. and MediBang started on the same month, to further the goal of the company to digitalize manga production and consumption.[13] The two companies On November 2017, MediBang started the MediBang Partner Program.[14]On December 21, 2017, MediBang Manga was released with over 150 publishers using the its partnership with MEDIA DO Co. Ltd.[15]

On April, 19, 2018 MediBang began partnering with CAMPFIRE.[16] The manga Twin Signal started a project on MediBang's crowdfunding on CAMPFIRE on April 19th.[17]

On March 22, 2019, Shueisha, MediBang and YES 24 launched the JUMP PAINT Global Artistic Manga Award[18]. On April 11th of this year, the mobile app MediBang Paint pro reached 30 million downloads worldwide, 85% of which are overseas[19]. The art posting website MediBang! reached 9 million registered members on April 18 this year and was also renamed ART street.[20]


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