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Marti Bonmati Luis
Born(1959-12-13)December 13, 1959
Alma mater
Scientific career
InstitutionsHospital Universitario y Politécnico de La Fe
ThesisLipoma of the liver: US, CT, and MRI appearance (1989)

Luis Marti-Bonmati serves as the director of the Clinical Area of Medical Imaging Department at La Fe Polytechnic and University Hospital,[1] and Head of Radiology Department at Quironsalud Hospital, Valencia, Spain.[2] Marti-Bonmati is the founder of QUIBIM S.L., and serves as its Director of Scientific Advisory Board.[3] He is a Member of the Spanish National Royal Academy of Medicine.[4] He is also the director of the Biomedical Imaging Research Group (GIBI230) at La Fe Health Research Institute.[5]

Education & Career[edit]

After completing his undergraduate medical training at the University of Valencia. He completed his postgraduate training as a resident in Radiology. He obtained his doctoral thesis (Ph.D.) from the University of Valencia in 1990owith a thesis nn Magnetic Resonance imaging in liver tumour,

He became radiology staff in the radiology department at the First University Hospital with an MR system in Spain in 1987. He became the section chief in Magnetic resonance imaging in this Radiology Department and finally became the Professor of Radiology and supervisor at the University of Valencia


Marti-Bonmati’s interests lie mainly in the fields of liver MR[6] and CT, abdominal[7] and pelvic MRI, contrast agents[8], image processing, and imaging biomarkers.[9] He also worked in the evaluation of myocardial density and the quantification of wall fibrosis, Liver segmentation volumetric[10], the quantification of emphysema and pulmonary vascularization, joint cartilage thickness[11], and the microstructure, rigidity, and fragility of the trabecular bone[12]


  • Gold Medal in 2014 by Spanish Society of Radiology (SERAM), 2008-2010.[13]
  • Gold medal in 2018 by European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology [14]
  • President of the European Society of Magnetic resonance in medicine and biology in 2002-2004.[15]
  • Editor and founder of the Journal of Spanish Society of Abdominal Radiology (SEDIA) 2000-2007.
  • Member of the Executive Council and has served as Director of the Research Committee of the European Society of Radiology (ESR, 2010-2013). [16]
  • Fellow of the International Cancer Imaging Society (ICIS, 2011).[17]


Martí-Bonmatí has published numerous articles many leading journals. Some of his notable contributions are listed below:

  • Significance of the impact of motion compensation on the variability of PET image features.[18]
  • Glioblastoma: Vascular Habitats Detected at Preoperative Dynamic Susceptibility-weighted Contrast-enhanced Perfusion MR Imaging Predict Survival.[19]
  • State-of-the-art of bone marrow imaging in multiple myeloma.[20]
  • Overload hepatitides: quanti-qualitative analysis. Abdom Imaging.[21]
  • Chronic auditory hallucinations in schizophrenic patients: MR analysis of the coincidence between functional and morphologic abnormalities.[22]
  • Differentiation of healthy from cirrhotic livers. Evaluation of parametric images after contrast administration in magnetic resonance imaging.[23]
  • Dynamic MR imaging of liver tumors: analysis with temporal reconstruction images.[24]


Martí-Bonmatí has also published several books. Below are the list of his books.

  • Imaging Biomarker; ISBN 978-3-319-43502-2
  • Image biomarkers and Precision Medicine; ISSN 1137-2885


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