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Marshall Shen (born September 29, 1946) is a Taiwanese educator and speaker.

Marshall Shen
Ming-Hsien Shen

(1946-09-29) September 29, 1946 (age 73)
Other namesM.H Marshall Shen
EducationChung Yuan University (Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering), St. Mary's University of Minnesota (EdD in Leadership)
OccupationEducator, Researcher, Speaker, Professor
Years active1980-Present
Susan Lin (m. 1973)

Family and personal life[edit]

Marshall Ming-Hsien Shen was born on September 29, 1946, to Qun Shan Shen, a successful light switch maker in Taiwan, and Wu Zhu Shen. He grew up in a strict household where manners were strictly upheld. He graduated from Chung Yuan University with a major in Mechanical Engineering and started teaching there as an adjunct teacher. Shortly after getting married in 1973 to Susan Lin, a smart young lady with a degree in economics, he joined the Tainan Chapter of Junior Chamber International Taiwan to train his leadership skills. Later he also joined Rotary International, a worldwide organization that promotes serving people. In 1980. his father sold him his light switch company, Light Electric Company, and Marshall turned it into a revolutionary preschool, daycare, and afterschool for middle schoolers. Since 1980, the Cheer Educational Institute has been in full operation and currently enrolls many bright, young minds.

2012 was the year Taiwan found out about its very first preschool, Kyoritsu Preschool, established at the Fire God Hall in the Guangdi Temple at Tainan. It was established on December 1, 1897. Marshall Shen spent many years researching through countless archives throughout Taiwan and finally found out what the first preschool in Taiwan was. In addition to this breakthrough, he has also received many rewards for his educational contributions like the Award for Model of Parent Education in the Republic of China in 1983, ROC Model of Taiwan Entrepreneur Award in 1984 by President Lee Teng-hui, Taiwan Provincial Award for Merit in Social Education in 1997 by President Lee Teng Hui, ROS National Award for Public Welfare in 2006 by President Chen Shui-bian and then mayor Ma Ying-jeou, now past president of Taiwan. Shen recently received the Republic of China Good Things Award from the current president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen. He also holds an annual music competition for classical music in which talented young people from all over Asia come to Tainan.

In the book, Success Come From Solving Problems by Mark Hanson, which he is featured in, he explains 4 major "particulars" that he follows. First is to do what he should do, then to do something meaningful, then to do something he loves to do, then to do something he wished to do, like teaching at a variety of Taiwanese universities including Far East University, Chung Hwa University of Pharmacy and Science among others. These points have helped him shape his success. Also, a family precept to formulate a plan, be punctual, to work diligently, and to be disciplined also helped him greatly.


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