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Marilia Adamaki is a Gothic rock,singer-songwriter,violinist who was born in 1996. She has released two studio albums and nine singles by the digital record label 862304 Records DK.

Marilia Adamaki
Born 1996( age 23)

Occupation Singer-Songwriter,Violinist

Years active 2015-present

Genres gothic rock

Instruments vocals,violin,keyboards

Labels 862304 Records DK

Website http://mariliaadamaki.blogspot.com/

members Marilia Adamaki
  Georgia Adamaki

History [edit]

Marilia Adamaki released her first album:"Marilia Adamaki" on 12 May 2018 and her second album:"Gifted" on 12 December of the same year.The first has 11 songs and the second 8.She has a music video for every song on her albums.She is a Gothic Rock singer-songwriter,violinist and keyboardist.She taught herself violin at age 17 and keyboards at 19,as she writes in her blog,facebook and in general in all of her official pages.

Marilia Adamaki was born on 8 January 1996(age 23).She loves singing and she always wanted to become a singer,as she says in her facebook page in her biography.She started writing lyrics when she was 14 and when she was at school,either in class or recess.Her songs deal with serious themes like bullying,depression,anxiety,bad mood,fake friendships,hypocrisy,realiy and jealousy.And as she admits again in her biography in facebook,she was always a victim of bullying growing up,because of her ability to sing and especially was able to hit really difficult notes and can even sing opera,which she describes as strange for a self-taught singer.She wants to be labeled only as a Gothic Rock artist,as she writes in her facebook page again.Because it's the only genre she likes and actually suits her voice,lyrics and music.

She has a twin sister Georgia Adamaki,who composes and orchestrates her music and also plays electric and classical guitar in their concerts.While Marilia Adamaki is the vocalist,lyricist and plays violin and keyboards.Except from lead vocal she is singing back up in her recordings.Both of them are self-taught musicians and write,record and play live together.Her sister is directing,editing their music videos and does the photography.Marilia Adamaki drew her first album's artwork,which is her logo.They're currently working on the third album for which,they have already released 7 singles.

She is Greek according to her soundcloud and reverbnation pages,but all her songs are in english and she has a british accent.Her albums are in all music platforms and are only digital releases.

Band members[edit]

  • Marilia Adamaki - vocals,lyrics,violin,keyboards,backing vocals
  • Georgia Adamaki - music,orchestrations,guitars(electric,classical)




  • Nightmare (July 3th,2018)
  • Upset (July 17th,2018)
  • Obliged (August 7th,2018)
  • Peculiar (September 22th,2018)
  • Anxiety (October 28th,2018)
  • I Know Who You Are (November 13th,2018)
  • Feint (November 30th,2018)
  • Beware (December 8th,2018)
  • Hate My Birthday (January 11th,2018)

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