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Mahou no Sekai (Japanese: 魔法のセカイ, Hepburn: Mahō no Sekai, lit. World of Magic),[a] is a light novel series written by Daniaru Shaa and illustrated by Sahiko.[1] On the light novel official website, it was stated that this series will be published in 2020 on Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, and Apple Books platforms.[2]


This series revolves around the world where humans with magic aptitude are called Mages. In this world, students attend to magic academy to pursue their dream in becoming a graduated Ivory Mage. A renowned magic academy, Hiroko Academy is located in a sovereign country called Iasharia. A noble-born girl, Naomi Ishikawa aims to be the best high-ranked Ivory Mage together with her best friend, Yuki Fujita.

Later, a male student, Kizuki Izumi was transferred to the academy where Naomi's at. Kizuki's enrollment into the all-girls magic academy sparks controversy as the academy only accepts female students, although it was said that male student is eligible for the enrollment. Soon they will found themselves caught up in the darkest forces deleterious manoeuvres. More awaits them in the future.[3]


Kizuki Izumi (和泉 キズキ, Izumi Kizuki)
No information yet.
Naomi Ishikawa (石川 ナオミ, Ishikawa Naomi)
No information yet.
Yuki Fujita (藤田 ゆき, Fujita Yuki)
No information yet.
Nyami Kitano (北野 にゃみ, Kitano Nyami)
No information yet.
Noriko Kurahashi (倉橋 法子, Kurahashi Noriko)
No information yet.
Ryouta Hidaka (日高 涼太, Hidaka Ryōta)
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Light novels[edit]

No.English release dateEnglish ISBNJapanese release dateJapanese ISBN
1 2020


To be announced.


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