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Magnus Vignir Magnusson, was an Icelandic Diplomat (born 10 October 1910 in Reykjavik , Iceland died 4 April 1971 in Washington D.C.)

Magnusson was born as oldest son of Magnus Sigurdsson and Astridur ( Stephensen). Master of Law University of Iceland and Postgraduate International Law, Sorbonne Paris 1936-1937.

In September 1937 he entered the Icelandic Foreign Service.

  • 14. July 1938 -1. July 1941 as Secretary in icelandic Embassy in London.
  • 21. September 1944- 1950 Icelandic Embassy in Washington D.C.
  • 1.December 1950 Chief of Division in Icelandic Foreign Ministry, since 6. January of 1953 as Secretary General.
  • 18 January 1956 Ambassador to Sweden, also accredited to Finland, Iran, Israel and Japan.
  • 1 June 1962 Ambassador to Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn, also accredited to Switzerland and Greece. 15. September 1969 Ambassador to United States of America , also accredited to Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Brasil and Argentina.
  • He received many national and international awards during his career.
  • Married Anna Gudrun Sveinsdottir at 17 June 1950), died in 2000 in Reykjavik.

Two daughters: Elin Magnusson (8 February 1951) and Anna Gudrun (13 November 1951) both married and living in Germany.