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Life Of Boris[edit]

Life of Boris Logo

Life Of Boris is a popular comedic personality on YouTube with 2.3 million subscribers as of July 2019. The channel follows the "Life of Boris" with the main character Boris, his cousin, Anatoli, his cat, Artyom, and previously Sergei the camera man. Boris' videos consist of gameplay videos, such as War Thunder and S.T.A.L.K.E.R, cooking meals such as Chebureki and other Slavic dishes, collaborative music videos of the Hardbass genre, and other Slavic comedic content. He also operated a gaming channel called "Gopnik Gaming" but has since stopped uploading to the channel and has limited his uploads to his main channel "Life of Boris".[1]

Life if Boris also runs the online store "WESLAV"[2], aimed at creating many "slav" products, such as tracksuits, which are branded as his merchandise.

As of Nov 10 2018 he has announced on Twitter own a cat named Artyom.[3]

He helped create a mobile game called Life of Boris: Super Slav which was developed by SneakyBox.[4]

Before Fame[edit]

He launched his channel in July of 2012 with a username of NocturnoPlays, but began publishing content on May 4th of 2015 when he posted the video "Cab driver Boris: THE CHEEKI BREEKI BEGINS - A Slav montage."

Boris was previously a programmer working in Estonia, however, quit his job on November 4th of 2016 to become a full time content creator, being financially supported by patrons on Patreon.



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