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Lietuvos laisvės kovotojų sąjunga (LLKS), the Lithuanian Freedom Fighters Union, was an underground organization active from 1942 to 1944 in Nazi-occupied Lithuania. It sought independence for Lithuania, though possibly within a Nazi Aryan alliance. It should not be confused with the post-war Lietuvos laisvės kovotojų sąjūdis, which is also translated into English as the Lithuanian Freedom Fighters Union.

The founders of the LLKS, including Klemensas Brunius and Zenonas Blynas, had been leaders of the genocidal Lithuanian Nationalist Party, which the Nazis had shut down in December, 1941, after the genocide of Lithuania's Jews was deemed complete. Zenonas Blynas was the principal writer of the LLKS editorials, including an appeal on April 14, 1942, "Let us show the Germans that we are true Aryans... “GERMANS, Recognize the Independence of the Republic of Lithuania; let us truly autonomously manage our land. Afterwards we will speak with you about the forms of collaborating, considering first of all that our fundamental interests not suffer, and we will try to harmonize our mutual interests.”[1]

The LLKS mimeographed its underground newspaper Lietuvos laisvės kovotojas. Its circulation reached in the thousands.[2]

In 1943, the LLKS had about 3,000 members.[3] Prominent members of the LLKS included Bronys Raila, Stasys Žakevičius-Žymantas, Jurgis Valiulis, Algirdas Julien Greimas, all of whom had in 1941 supported ethnic cleansing of Jews from Lithuania.