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Level Brands, Inc.
Traded asNYSE: LEVB
Key people
Branding & identity
Market research
RevenueIncrease $7.5 million (2017)[4]

Level Brands is a licensing, marketing and branding management company,[4] headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.[1] In November 2017, it became the seventh Regulation A+ IPO to complete and the second (after medical robotics maker Myomo) to list and trade on the NYSE American Exchange.[4]


Level Brands was founded in 2015.[1] Ever since its inception, it has been backed by kathy ireland Worldwide,[5] with Kathy Ireland acting as the company's Chairman Emeritus and Chief Brand Strategist.[6][7] Since September 2016, Martin Sumichrast has been Level Brands' CEO and President.[2][4] Its board of directors includes, among others, former South Carolina State House member Bakari Sellers, and Anthony Shriver, founder of Best Buddies International.[2]

In August 2017, it was announced that Level Brands aims to become the first company with a nationally recognized female Chairman Emeritus (Kathy Ireland) to launch a Regulation A+ IPO with an intent to list on a national securities exchange.[5] Ireland described the event as "a very dynamic and powerful moment at Level Brands", and Martin Sumichrast added that the Regulation A+ IPO should "open up the opportunity to invest in an initial public offering[...] to a wider array of investors, at the start." [8]

The company has reported $4.2 million revenue with losses of $1.1 million in fiscal 2017 (ending March 2017). Its revenue grew in the second quarter of calendar 2017 to an annualized rate of $7.5 million.[4] On 16 November 2017, Level Brands closed its initial public offering, after raising its maximum of $12 million by selling 2 million shares at $6 each.[1][4][7]


Level Brands represents brands such as "I’M1" ("Ireland Men One"), "EE1" ("Encore Endeavor One"), and "Beauty & Pin-Ups".[9][7] In addition, directly or through its children companies, Level Brands represents many celebrities, such as Brazilian neo-pop artist Romero Britto,[10] American wedding planner David Tutera,[11][7] and Katie Meade, the first model with Down syndrome to front a beauty campaign.[12]

In January 2018, Level Brands partnered with Vancouver-based Isodiol International to create edible, personal care, and medicinal products with cannabidiol.[13]


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