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Last Night From Glasgow
LNFG logo
Country of originScotland

Last Night From Glasgow is a not-for-profit independent record label based in Glasgow, Scotland. It was established in 2016 and relies on a crowdfunding business model to operate.[1] The label's name is taken from the line "When I called you last night from Glasgow" in ABBA's Super Trouper.[2]


The concept of LNFG was formed in March 2016 by a group of six Glasgow-based music fans. They envisaged a record label operated on a patronage model, funded by a £50 donation from 60 of their friends and associates. In return the patrons would receive physical copies of each release and guest list entry to all label events. The label's inaugural event took place on 2 June 2016 at The Old Hairdresser's venue in Glasgow, with 100 members and a roster of three artists.[3]

The label was founded with the intention of assisting unsigned artists with the physical release and promotion of their music.[4] Artists do not enter into any restrictive contract with the label, retain the intellectual rights to their music and are paid fairly for their work. All profits are reinvested into the objectives of the label;[5] it operates as a not-for-profit private limited company.[6] Operating capital is primarily raised by the sale of annual memberships and in return for their patronage, members receive a 12" vinyl copy of each of that year's releases, digital releases and guest list entry to all album launch events.[7] In the 2017 membership year the label operated with '200 or so' members.[8]

In February 2018 it was announced that Last Night from Glasgow had been awarded Creative Scotland funding " produce the recording, production, manufacture, distribution and promotion of six vinyl albums and supporting digital releases for six currently unsigned Scottish artists".[9] Further funding was obtained in February 2019 to "record, mix, master, produce, manufacture, promote and distribute seven albums and supporting digital releases.[10]


In July 2019 it was announced that LNFG would be launching a new label 'Komponist', "focussed on the compositional artists as opposed to songwriters. Concentrating on all forms of instrumental music, be it Jazz, NeoClassical, Electronica or Heavy Drone." [11] [12]


The following artists have released music on the Last Night From Glasgow label:[13]

  • Mark W. Georgsson
  • BooHooHoo
  • Be Charlotte
  • TeenCanteen
  • Emme Woods
  • Stephen Solo
  • Radiophonic Tuckshop
  • Sun Rose
  • Sister John
  • Medicine Men
  • Bis
  • Annie Booth
  • Zoë Bestel
  • L-space
  • The Gracious Losers
  • Joe Kane / Radiophonic Tuckshop
  • Cloth
  • Carla J. Easton
  • Domiciles
  • Foundlings
  • Loudmammoth
  • Fenella
  • Broken Chanter
  • The Girl Who Cried Wolf
  • Kohla


Year Type Title Artist Format(s) Catalogue No. Notes
2016 Single The Ballad of the Nearly Man Mark W. Georgsson 7" vinyl LNFG1
Single Oh My Dear Friend Mark W. Georgsson Digital LNFGd1
LP Pii Stephen Solo Limited edition USB credit card LNFGUSB1
Single I Don't Drink to Forget Emme Woods 7" vinyl LNFG2
LP Say It All with a Kiss TeenCanteen 12" vinyl, digital LNFG3 / LNFGUSB2
EP DebutHooHoo BooHooHoo Limited edition USB wristband LNFGUSB3
Single Machines That Breathe Be Charlotte Digital, limited edition 7" pink vinyl LNFG4
2017 Single He Came Down Sister John Digital LNFGd2
LP Faces and Places Mark W. Georgsson 12" vinyl, digital LNFG 5
Single I've Been Running Emme Woods Digital LNFGd4
Single Fire BooHooHoo Digital LNFGd5
EP Sirens TeenCanteen 10″ translucent splatter vinyl, digital LNFG6
Single Out of the Light Medicine Men Digital LNFGd6
LP Into the Light Medicine Men 12" vinyl, digital LNFG7
Single Sweetest Moment Sister John Digital LNFGd7
Single Smirk Sun Rose Digital LNFGd8
EP Running Commentary EP Radiophonic Tuckshop CD, digital LNFGd9
Single A Banjo Lament Mark W. Georgsson Digital LNFGd10
Single Bruised Peach Medicine Men Digital LNFGd11
Single Chasm Annie Booth Digital LNFSFd1
LP Returned from Sea Sister John 12" vinyl, digital LNFG8
LP Pii2 Stephen Solo Limited edition USB cassette LNFGusb4
LP An Unforgiving Light Annie Booth 12" vinyl, digital LNFG9 / LNFSF01 Co-release with Scottish Fiction
Single Over My Annie Booth Digital LNFSFd2 Co-release with Scottish Fiction
Single Minima Sun Rose Digital LNFGd12
LP The Essential Luxury Sun Rose 12" vinyl, digital LNFG10
Single You Wrecked My Christmas Bis Digital LNFGd13
LP The Winter Garden Playtest Radiophonic Tuckshop Limited edition CD, digital LNFGd14
Single Solitude Annie Booth Digital LNFSFd3 Co-release with Scottish Fiction
Single Dance (Around the Fake Fir Tree) Mark. W Georgsson Digital LNFGd15
Single Golden Packets Medicine Men Limited edition cassette,digital LNFGd16
2018 Single Where the River Meets the Sea The Gracious Losers Digital LNFGd17
Single Friends Sister John Digital LNFGd18
Single Suneaters L-space Digital LNFGd19
EP Money Can Be Exchanged for Goods and Services L-space CD, digital LNFGd20
LP The ABC of LNFG Various Artists CD, digital LNFGd21
LP Transience Zoë Bestel 12" vinyl, CD, digital LNFG11
Single Eye for an Eye Zoë Bestel Digital LNFGd22
Single Wanting What I Can't Have Carla J. Easton CD, digital, limited edition 7” picture disk LNFOG01 Co-release with Olive Grove Records
Single Moonlight Parade The Gracious Losers Digital LNFGd23
Single Backup Baby L-space Digital LNFGd24
Single Demo Love Cloth Digital LNFGd25
Single LocoCoco Stephen Solo Digital LNFGd26
LP The Last of the Gracious Losers The Gracious Losers 12" vinyl, digital LNFG12
LP Kipple Arcadia L-space 12" vinyl, digital LNFG13
Single Tripp Cloth Digital LNFGd27
Single Tripp – Wuh Oh Remix Cloth Digital LNFGd28
LP Joe Kane/Radiophonic Tuckshop Joe Kane/Radiophonic Tuckshop 12" vinyl, digital LNFG14
Single Blue Flowers L-space Limited square 7″ vinyl, digital LNFG15
Single Only You Domiciles Limited square 7″ vinyl, digital LNFG16
Single Holder Cloth Limited square 7″ vinyl, digital LNFG17
Single Jennifer & Lucifer Joe Kane/Radiophonic Tuckshop Digital LNFGd29
EP Three Bands Cloth / Domiciles / L-space Limited edition CD, set of three limited edition 7" vinyl LNFGd30 Special limited release to coincide with "Three Bands" tour
2019 Single I'm the One Sister John Digital LNFGd31 Release date: 04/01/19
Single Sound of a Heartbreak Bis Digital LNFGd32 Release date: 18/01/19
LP Sister John Sister John 12" black vinyl, 12" transparent milk white vinyl (pre-order edition), digital LNFG18 Release date: 25/01/19
LP Slight Disconnects Bis 12" vinyl (black, mandarin orange and yellow editions), CD, digital LNFG19 Release date: 15/02/19
Single I'm the One Sister John Digital LNFGd31 Release date: 04/01/19
Single Sound of a Heartbreak Bis Digital LNFGd32 Release date: 18/01/19
EP Foundlings Foundlings CD, digital and limited edition lathe cut vinyl. LNFG21 Release date: 01/03/19
Single Enemy Foundings Digital LNFGd33 Release date: 08/02/19
Single Airport Sister John Digital, extremely rare heart shaped vinyl LNFGd34 Release date: 14/02/19
LP A Gift from Midnight Fenella 12" vinyl (black and red editions), digital LNFG22 Release date: 29/03/19. Co-release with Little Tiger (Riverside Music College).
EP Spectral Annie Booth 12" vinyl (black and purple editions), CD, digital LNFSF6 / LNFG23 Release date: 10/05/19. Co-release with Scottish Fiction.
Single For a Reason Domiciles Digital and limited edition lathe cut vinyl. LNFG24 Release date: 26/04/19
Single Back on Board Medicine Men Digital and limited edition lathe cut vinyl. LNFGd35 Release date: 05/04/19
Single Wholesale Broken Chanter Digital and limited edition lathe cut vinyl. LNFOG02 Release date: 24/05/19
Single Nothing Else Sister John Digital and limited edition lathe cut vinyl. LNFG26 Release date: 14/06/19. AA side with LNFGd31.
LP Music for Megastructures L-space Digital. LNFGd36 Release date: 19/04/19
Single Let Go Loudmammoth Digital and limited edition lathe cut vinyl. LNFG27 Release date: 28/06/19
Single There Is No Point (Other Than The Point That There Is No Point) Bis Digital LNFGd37 Release date: 17/05/19
Single Eight Years Sister John Digital LNFGd38 Release date: 31/05/19
EP I Used To Be The Martial Arts The Martial Arts Vinyl, CD and digital LNFG28 Release date: 05/07/19
Single Second Best The Girl Who Cried Wolf Digital LNFGd40 Release date: 12/07/19
Album Pii3 Stephen Solo Digital LNFGd41 Release date: 19/07/19
Single Sinking Sun Domiciles Digital LNFGd42 Release date: 26/07/19
Single T O U C H Kohla Digital LNFGd43 Release date: 02/08/19
Album This is Not A Zen Garden Domiciles 12" vinyl (black and white editions), CD, digital LNFG29 Release date: 16/08/19
Single Should We Be Dancing? Broken Chanter Digital LNFGd44 Release date: 23/08/19
Single I Wanna Go Out With Someone Else Bis Digital LNFGd45 Release date: 30/08/19
Album Broken Chanter Broken Chanter 12" vinyl (black, milk white and duck egg blue editions), CD, digital. LNFG30 / LNFOG03 Release date: 06/09/19. Co-release with Olive Grove Records.
Single I Never Knew / Tigers in the Street L-space Digital LNFGd46 Release date: 04/10/19
Single Getaway Driver Medicine Men Digital LNFGd47 Release date: 11/10/19


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