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Kerala Kathakali Centre was founded in 1990. It is a performance, training and showcase the traditional art forms of Kathakali, Kalaripayattu, Carnatic classical music. The centre aims to popularise the performance arts of Kerala with the current generation, spot new talent and encourage training in the arts of Kerala.

Kerala Kathakali Centre is located in Kochi. Which is the oldest city in Kerala also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea.

The centres offers short term and long term classes depending on the depth someone would like to explore in these traditional art forms.

  • Kathakali
  • Classical Dance: Bharathanatyam, Kutchipudi and Mhohiniyattam.
  • Martial Arts: Kalaripayattu
  • Classical Vocal Music: Carnatic & Hindustani Vocals
  • Classical Instruments:
    • Percussion: Chendai, Madalam, Mrudungam & Gingira.
    • Strings: Violin, Veena,
    • Wind: Flute.

This is also a tourist attraction for visitors to Kochi and has been reviewed and published in Times of India (1), Native Planet (2) etc.

Performances done by the troupes of Kerala Kathakali Centres have been shown on BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channels (3). And they come highly recommended by travel portals like Lonely planet, Trip Advisor, Rough Guideetc to encourage international tourists to sample the culture and tradition of Kerala. Kerala Kathakali Centre has also been featured in a documentary on Kathakali by Carole Vachez(4)


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