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Kelvin Tak Yiu Leung (Chinese: 梁德耀; Cantonese Yale: Kelvin Tak Yiu Leung) — is an inventor and data analyst.[1] in emergency management from Hong Kong. One of the pioneers in inventing Functional Electrical Stimulation System (FESS) that combined with upper limb orthotic.


He received his academic education from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Justice Institute of British Columbia, Columbia Southern University, Cornell University, and University of Information Technology and Management (Rzeszów) [pl].


First time Leung showed himself as inventor during his undergraduate bachelor's degree education in prosthetics and orthotics (Bioengineering) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He began to develop FESS during his study at the university and after his graduation, with support from his academic advisor Professor Raymond K.Y. Tong[2]

Kelvin Leung successfully combined Functional Electrical Stimulation and upper limb orthosis to help persons after stroke[3].

He works as paramedic and interested in inventions.

Participated exhibitions[edit]

Kelvin Leung as inventor participated in different international and national exhibitions and was awarded several prizes.

Year Name of event Event Place Organizer Prize
2002 Innovative Entrepreneur Contest Inventions Hong Kong Hong Kong Polytechnic University Gold[4][2]
2003 The 8th Challenge Cup Competition Inventions Guangzhou South China University of Technology Bronze[5][2]
2004 The 5th China International Invention Exhibition Inventions Shanghai China Association of Inventions Gold[2]

Subsequent to the awards, the FESS further granted a United States Patents (Patent numbers 7162305 B2, US 2007/0179560 A1) and cited by over 100 corporations worldwide commercially as well as academically[6][7].

In year 2005, he awarded Hong Kong High Achieving Student (香港卓越學生) by Education Bureau of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region[8].


His research interests include Bioengineering (Ergonomics)[9], Application of Big Data in Decision Making for Emergency Healthcare Management, Weather Effects on Out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest Cases[10], Research and Professional Education in Emergency Medical Services[11]


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