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Keith J. Stone
BornNovember 17, 1962
Flint, Michigan
OccupationBusinessman (Chairman)
Years active1986 – present

Keith J. Stone is an American FinTech entrepreneur known as the Founder & CEO of CSI Enterprises, Inc., a B2B payments automation company.[1][2] He is also the Founder & Chairman of CapStone Holdings, Inc.

Education and career[edit]

Stone was born in November 1962[2] in Flint, Michigan. He attended Oakland University for two years and later transferred and graduated from Eastern Michigan University in December 1985.[3]

In 1989, Stone founded CSI Enterprises as a fleet management company and has been the CEO and President of the organization since then.[4][5] He served as the President of GE Capital Fleet Services until late 2000 when he resigned to focus on U.S. operations of CSI Entreprises.[6] In 2011, he started the B2B electronic payments company called CSI GlobalVCard.[7][8] Through GlobalVCard, he helped companies lower costs, improve financial security and generate revenue through monthly cash back rewards.[9]

In November 2018, Stone sold CSI Enterprises to Edenred SA, a transactional solutions company for USD 600 million.[10][11] As of November 2018, he is the Founder & CEO of CapStone Holdings, Inc., a Florida-based business incubator organization.


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