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K9 Ventures
IndustryVenture capital
FounderManu Kumar
Key people
Manu Kumar
Braughm Ricke

K9 Ventures is a venture capital firm that specializes in providing pre-seed funding to technology companies.[1]

The venture fund was founded in 2009 and is operated by Manu Kumar and Braughm Ricke.[2]


K9 Ventures was founded by Manu Kumar in April 2009, after he saw a need for pre-seed funding in Silicon Valley.[3]


The firm invests in about 4-6 companies each year. Initial investments range between $250K and $750K.[4] As of 2017, the firm has raised three funds, the latest at which closed at $42 million.[5]

K9 Ventures has invested in more than 25 companies, including Twilio, Lyft, CrowdFlower (now Figure Eight Inc.) and Everlaw.[6] As of 2018, it has invested in 8 acquired companies.[7]

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