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John Moehring, September 16, 2018. Longmont, Colorado. Photo by Glen Beebe.

John Moehring was born on October 25, 1947, and died on January 12, 2019.[1] In the late 1960s, Moehring was one of the most prolific psychedelic rock poster artists in Seattle, Washington. [2]

Early Years[edit]

Some of Moehring's earliest artistic influences were his father, Bruce, who Moehring described as "a really good portrait artist,” and artists N.C. Wyeth and Arthur Rackham, whose illustrations for "Treasure Island" and "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" made an impression on Moehring. Later, in 1964, at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle, Washington, Moehring became friends with Walt Crowley (June 20, 1947 – September 21, 2007), who joined Moehring for sketching sessions in the Crowley family's basement. [2]

Rock Posters[edit]

In 1967, rock promoter Trips Lansing hired Moehring to create what would become Moehring's first rock poster. The occasion was a "Trips Festival" at Seattle's Eagles Auditorium on March 19. Headliners were the Seeds, with support with by Daily Flash, Emergency Exit, P.H. Phactor Jug Band, West Coast Natural Gas, and Magic Fern. Moehring would do a few more posters for Lansing, but the promoter who gave him the most work was Boyd Grafmyre, who became the booker at Eagles. Between 1967 and 1969, Moehring designed at least 20 posters for Grafmyre, for concerts featuring the Grateful Dead, Doors, Frank Zappa, Donovan, Jeff Beck, and many others. [2]

Later Years[edit]

In 2015, artist Scott McDougall self-published a book about the greater Seattle rock-poster scene called "Split Fountain Hieroglyphics: Psychedelic Concert Posters from the Seattle Area, 1966-1969," which was designed by Glen Beebe, edited by Ben Marks of Collectors Weekly, and included an introduction by Art Chantry. Prior to publication, unsuccessful attempts were made by McDougall and his team to track down Moehring, but upon publication of the book, Moehring contacted McDougall. Moehring attended the book signing on September 23, 2015, at the Jolly Roger Taproom in Ballard. It was there that Moehring met Marks and agreed to an interview, which was published on May 25, 2016. [2]

In 2018, an auction by Classic Posters offered seven John Moehring posters from the late 1960s. Four sold at prices above their high estimates; the other three sold above their low estimates.[3]