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Benjamin Schandy, also known under his stage name Jimi Somewhere, is a norwegian singer, music producer and designer.[1][2] His musical genres are alternative[3], indie and electronic pop[4].

In 2016 Jimi was named "Ukas Urørt" by norwegian radio station NRK P3.[5][6] The following year, he released his debut EP Memoria[3], through his record label Inquiring Minds. According to Schandy, he and his producer Milo Orchis recorded the entire EP in their dorm room at school[7], before posting it on SoundCloud in 2016. He later released music videos for the two singles off the EP, "Escape"[8] and "The Beach".[9]

In 2017 American magazine The Fader posted a list of 15 Scandinavian artists to listen to in 2018, with Jimi as number 9.[4] Schandy has performed at festivals such as Ekkofestival[10], by:Larm,[11] and Slottsfjell.[7] He has also performed in Berlin at the Ja Ja Ja Nordic Music Affair[12]. In 2018 he joined Norwegian indie band Boy Pablo on their European tour.[11][13]



  • Memoria (2017)[14]
  • Ponyboy (2019)


  • "Escape" (2017)[15]
  • "The Beach" (2017)[16]
  • "Waking Up" (2017)[17]
  • "Fall Down" featuring Hanne Mjøen (2018)[18]


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