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Jenny Bruso is the creator of Unlikely Hikers, an Instagram account and corresponding blog, focusing on diversity, inclusion, and body acceptance in the outdoors. Sheleads groups on outdoor excursions and trips around the U.S. In 2019, Bruso was recognized as one of the the Grist 50[1], a list representing those who are bringing about change and addressing society's issues in a big way.

Bruso identifies as a fat, queer hiker and writer. Bruso's work was highlighted in 2019 by Backpacker Magzine, which described her blog as "a venue for people to disengage from a society that implies hiking isn’t for them."[2]

A hiking date with her partner for Bruso's 30th birthday ignited her passion for the outdoors.[3] This is one of the events she cites as pivotal to getting her to lead groups, post photos on Instagram, and write for the blog as she does now.[4]