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i-Sprint Innovations
IndustryB2B cybersecurity, Identity and Access Management
Area served
Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United State
Key people
Simon Leung (Chairman), Albert Ching (Vice Chairman and CTO), Dutch Ng (CEO), Melvyn Ong (CFO), Jackson Ngan (Vice President of Sales and Channel for Asia Pacific), Guo Xiao Feng (General Manager, Sales and Business Operations, China), Eric Tang (Senior Director of Professional Services)
ProductsIdentity management system, Single sign-on, End-to-end encryption, Authentication, Multi-factor authentication, Anti-counterfeiting
Number of employees
Above 200 (2018)

i-Sprint Innovations (i-Sprint), established in the year 2000 in Singapore by Albert Ching and Dutch Ng..[1], is an Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) solution provider.

i-Sprint has attracted some investors to its security business. In 2011, Automated Systems Limited (a public listed company in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange), a subsidiary of Teamsun Group, acquired i-Sprint.[2] Followed by another investment of USD$9.85 million in 2014 by Peregrine Greater China Capital Appreciation Fund, a Chinese private equity firm.[3]

i-Sprint's Chairman, Simon Leung, who is currently holding director level in various companies like Asia Soft, Beijing Teamsun Technology, and Anhui Conch Cement was previously from Automated Systems Limited (2009 to 2015) and Sun Microsystems (1990 to 2007). With his vast experience, he has driven the company together with Albert and Dutch in developing new products and open new markets. In 2013, i-Sprint Group established Beijing An Xun Bei Technology Company in China to penetrate the ICAM market. Currently, the China office is headed by Guo Xiao Feng, the General Manager for Sales and Business Operations in China. Besides having Research & Development Center in Singapore, in 2014, to cater to increasing clients' IT security needs, i-Sprint also launched a Security Center of Excellence in Zhuhai, China.[4]


i-Sprint's technology development is focusing on authentication, biometrics, cloud, device for mobility and end-to-end encryption(E2EE). The company product offerings are classified into Digital Identity, Identity of Things, Cloud Services and Mobile Security categories. i-Sprint delivers versatile and strong authentication, and identity management platform to secure multiple application delivery environments based on a common security platform. The company solutions featured patented technology, A Hierarchy Model[5], and achieved certification in FIDO, OATH, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and etc.

In biometric authentication development[6], i-Sprint has incorporated biometric[7] such as fingerprint scan, palm scan and facial recognition in its authentication offering. In the mobility security development, i-Sprint is one of the industry partners of Secure Mobile Centre established by [Singapore Management University][8]. This centre was selected by National Research Foundation (NRF) to develop research expertise and capabilities in Cybersecurity for Singapore.

i-Sprint's Digital Identity, Cloud Services and Mobile Security solutions include E2EE, Single Sign On, privileged user management, multi/two-factor authentication, authentication as a service, mobile token, enterprise mobile app management and more.

i-Sprint's Identity of Things product offering focuses on securing product identity. It provides anti-counterfeiting, product track and trace, consumer marketing solution to the enterprise. The anti-counterfeiting technology offers product authentication via encrypted single/ dual layer identification platform which can support barcode, QR code, NFC, RFID and other identification tags.

In September 2017, i-Sprint has been awarded funding from National Research Foundation of Singapore to work with some Universities to commercialize projects to meet Singapore’s cyber security needs. [9] i-Sprint has received fundings for 2 projects, (i) uses Blockchain technology to provide secure protocols and mechanisms for the e-logistics sector [10] and (ii) a system for secure, data-protecting environments on smartphones[11]. Besides working with government on developing solutions for cyber security needs, i-Sprint has also stepped up in employees' skill set training to ensure they are equipped with the right/ latest skills for the work[12].


i-Sprint has received the following awards:

  • On Cybersecurity 500 Listing since 2015 - Current position at 40[13]. i-Sprint is one of the few Singapore companies been mentioned on this listing and ranked within top 50[14]
  • NetworkWorld Asia Information Management Awards 2016 | 2017 for Best in Identity & Authentication Management[15][16]
  • Top 25 Cyber Security Technology Companies 2017 by APAC CIO Outlook[17]
  • 2017 Info Security's Global Excellence Awards - 8 Awards[18]
  • NetworkWorld Asia Readers' Choice Award for Identity Management Suite 2014 | 2015 | 2016[19][20][21]
  • CIO Honour Award 2015 | 2016[22][23]
  • Singapore Business Review: National Business Awards in Technology 2016[24]


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