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Isaiah Brian Sovi
Brian Kayombo Sovi

OccupationMinistry founder, televangelist, businessman

Isaiah Brian Sovi (formerly known as Brian Kayombo Sovi ,[1] born in March in the 90s) is the founder of Imperial City Church, a Pentecostal ministry in South [2].[1][3] The church was founded in 2015.

Described as "controversial bling bling ‘pastor-preneur"[4], Isaiah Brian Sovi is mentored by multimillionaire businessman and leader of Good News Church in UK, Prophet Uebert Angel.Angel has other Spiritual sons including but not limited to Africa based Romeo Marom, Bulgaria based miracle worker Maksim Asenov, leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering ,Shepherd Bushiri[5],and South African based Apostle Miz Tancred.

He is also the founder of a company called IBS Holdings which has divisions comprising IBS Cargo and IBS Mentorship .[6]

Life and career[edit]

Born in a family of four from Brian and Magdalene, Sovi was born and grew up in Kitwe[7] Zambia[8] completed grade twelve at Kitwe Boys secondary school[9] in 2010.

Three years later, Sovi enrolled at Cavendish University [10]to pursue a degree in law, but did not complete his studies, as he went into full time ministry.

Business activities[edit]

Sovi is the founder of IBS holdings also as a businessman he has authored a book titled "Biblical Forex Trading" .[11] He is also the founder of a company called IBS Holdings which has divisions comprising IBS Cargo and IBS Mentorship[6]


Isaiah Brian Sovi was credited with a controversial resurrection miracle that took place in Limpopo[12], South Africa[13].They claim to have done this through application of Sovi's annointing oil.[14] Sovi has also been known by making charms appear during his services ,the claims state that these charms will be tormenting his congregants[15] Nevertheless, due to claims of unproven miracles,money laundering and operating illegally, Botswana temporarily banned him from entering the country[16] He is currently free to enter the country at will.[17]


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